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Exploring the World of Aldi Gins


Over the past week, supermarket giant Aldi made headlines with the release of three new fruit flavoured own-label gins. Because of this, we decided that we would embark on an enticing exploration of the world of Aldi gins, aiming to uncover their popularity and share some of our personal favourites with you.

The Newcomers

Aldi’s new own-label gins look like they are set to be a true delight. The trio includes Gin Lane Rhubarb Gin, No 74 Blackcurrant and Liquorice Gin, and The Infusionist Raspberry and Elderflower Gin. It’s safe to say that these would perfectly complement a number of different gin summer cocktails, and we can’t wait to take them on a proper test run. Ranging from just £10 – £20, these gins are a great gin cabinet find.

Aldi has also recently teamed up with gin specialists Eden Mill to release a range of canned gin cocktails, including Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin, Chilli and Ginger Gin and a Traditional Gin with Fresh Berries. These will be available in-store from the start of June and are certain to hit all of the right notes over the summer.

Aldi Gins

It was only last year that Aldi announced that they were releasing ten new flavoured gins, and this exciting company seems to keep pushing the boundaries of supermarket own-label gin development. We can see no signs of Aldi slowing down on the horizon, as we have seen everything from a charming citrus-infused gin to a series of traditional Christmas flavours from them over the past year.

Some of our favourite gins that can currently be bought at Aldi include:

1. Harrison’s Gin

No mention of Aldi gins would be complete without bringing Harrison’s Gin into the equation. This gin could potentially stand as a rival to Hendrick’s Gin, with its smooth base and zesty botanicals. The floral aromas and a distinctive hint of juniper tell us just how much thought is going into the gin ingredients that can be found across Aldi’s range of spirits, with this particular bottle being produced in England.

2. The Infusionist’s Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

The seasonal period is now long behind us, but it will probably be back again before we know it. The Infusionist’s Gingerbread Gin Liqueur is one of the many gins that kept us happy over the winter months, with its overhanging fruitiness and underlying spice. This festive tipple offers warm notes of cinnamon, vanilla and a distinctive zest that makes it perfect splashed over ice.

3. The Infusionist’s Passionfruit Gin Liqueur

From one side of the seasons to the other, The Infusionist’s Passionfruit Gin Liqueur perfectly complements most summer cocktails. We would highly recommend sipping this delicious liqueur over crushed ice to enjoy a refreshing citrus backdrop before you indulge in one of the many cocktails that you could add it to. The tropical notes that are offered by this passionfruit gin make it an amazing option for a summer-adapted form of a Pornstar Martini.

4. Greyson’s Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin

Bring a dash of the Mediterranean into your life this summer. That might sound difficult to do, but we can happily assure you that Greyson’s Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin offers the complex palette and fresh citrus notes that you need to do just that. The sweet lime perfectly complements the zesty orange peel, and the addition of juniper leaves us with a sweet and yet tangy concoction.

5. The Infusionist’s Rhubarb, Grapefruit & Pepper Gin

Effortlessly combining sweetness and spice, The Infusionist’s Rhubarb, Grapefruit & Pepper Gin is a perfect option for gin lovers who enjoy experimenting with their cocktails and the flavour palettes that they can create. The pink grapefruit gives this gin a generous scattering of underlying citrus notes, while the invigorating sweetness of the rhubarb is met by a subtle hint of spice from the black pepper.

6. The Infusionist’s Violet Shimmer Gin

The market for violet gins has grown astronomically over the past year, with these sweet spirits offering most British gin drinkers a charming nostalgic throwback. The Infusionist’s Violet Shimmer Gin is one of the most popular flavoured gins for summer parties, blending the taste of Parma Violets with the summer as the liquid itself glitters whenever it is swirled under the sun. We would recommend adding this to any garden party cocktail or gin and tonic for a dash of opulence.

7. Eden Mill’s Botanical Project’s Scottish Blueberry & Vanilla Gin

We have fallen head over heels for some of the flavours that have been brought to us by Eden Mill, a craft gin distillery based in the Scottish countryside. Their Botanical Project’s Scottish Blueberry & Vanilla Gin is no exception, as the sweet caramelised blueberry and a hint of Madagascan vanilla interweave to leave us with a distinctive muffin-like aroma.

Stocking up the Gin Cupboard

There you have it, the ever-evolving world of Aldi gins is full of delightful surprises, with unique flavours and award-winning bottles gracing the supermarket’s shelves. We would recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for their Eden Mill gin cocktails hitting the shelves in June, as they are certain to go down a treat at parties and social gatherings.

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