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7 Of The Best Flavoured Gins to Buy From B&M


Gin might not be the first thing that jumps into your mind when you think about B&M, but after reading this article that might just change.

B&M made headlines this week with the delightful release of their desirable and ridiculously affordable Battenberg cake flavoured gin liqueur. To celebrate, we are going to be sharing some of the best flavoured gins to buy from B&M with you, so that you can stock up on all of your favourite flavours during your next shopping trip.

1. Brambles Battenberg Cake Gin Liqueur

Bramble Bettenberg Cake Gin
Bramble Bettenberg Cake Gin

As the gin responsible for the creation of this article, it’s only right that Brambles Battenberg Cake Gin Liqueur takes the top spot on our list of recommendations, especially after we had the pleasure of testing it on its release.

Opinions are quite divided among gin drinkers when it comes to the overall popularity of cake-flavoured teatime treats, but it’s safe to say that they are here to stay, with more and more appearing on the market on a regular basis.

This delicious concoction has been brought to us by Brambles, a British gin liqueur company. It offers charming notes of marzipan and vanilla cake, and the bright pink hue that this gin liqueur has makes it a fantastic option for summer parties. We have found that this gin is best enjoyed neat over ice or with your favourite tonic, depending on your own personal preference.

2. Mrs Cuthbert’s Cherry Bakewell Gin Liqueur


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From an ever-so-appealing Battenberg cake to a traditional Bakewell tart; it’s easy to see a pattern emerging with a selection of gins that perfectly encapsulate the recognisable flavours of British treats.

Mrs Cuthbert’s British Gin Liqueurs are dessert flavoured gin liqueur specialists, with their gins being hand-crafted to resonate family recipes that have been passed down over several decades. Their introduction of famous classic cake recipes into the world of gin is certain to please any gin drinker with a sweet tooth.

Just a sip of Mrs Cuthbert’s Cherry Bakewell Gin Liqueur is enough to taste the intense biscuit cherry and vanilla flavour tones, perfectly encapsulating this delightful family favourite.

Buy Mrs Cuthbert’s Cherry Bakewell Tart British Gin Liqueur – 500ml

3. Steampunk Explorer Blood Orange Gin

Steampunk Blood Orange
Steampunk Blood Orange

The Steampunk Explorer range of flavoured gins is quite unique because it has been distilled specifically for B&M. Three different flavours have been brought to us by Steampunk Spirits, but their Steampunk Explorer Blood Orange Gin is one of our personal favourites.

If you are new to the world of flavoured gins, then this gin would offer you an excellent starting point, with zesty undertones and a smooth taste that is easy on the palette. Not too sweet and not too sour, we would advise that you drink this gin with a tonic or as part of a delectable cocktail.

Cocktails are the perfect addition to any day spent under the warm sun, and the dynamic citrus flavour that is present in this gin makes it stand out perfectly when mixed into an array of different cocktails, where its intense sweetness is perfectly balanced by the addition of a waxy orange peel undertone. If you would like more summer cocktail inspiration, then feel free to read our guide on the best gin summer cocktails.

4. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

We promise that no unicorns were harmed during the making of this mouth-watering gin liqueur. Well, we think that we can promise that. Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur has carved a name for itself thanks to its idyllic iridescent shimmer, which offers a glittery finish to any classic drink or cocktail whenever the liquid in your glass is swirled.

Taking your taste buds on a truly magical adventure, this gin offers tantalising orange and red liquorice flavours, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. We would advise that you mix it with a tonic or have it as part of a delectable cocktail, where the distinct undertones of juniper berries are certain to delight.

Buy Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

5. Mrs Cuthbert’s Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur

Taking us back to the world of traditional British flavours and dessert flavoured gin liqueurs, Mrs Cuthbert’s Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur has been brought to us by the same expert team who created the Cherry Bakewell Gin Liqueur that can be found on this list.

One of the most charming things about Mrs Cuthbert’s and the gin liqueurs that they create is the fact that their recipes have been crafted around the 1940’s recipes of Mrs. Dorothy Cuthbert. She was known for her no frills approach to baking, and often injected some of her cake ingredients into her gin, thus creating the delicious drinks that we can enjoy today.

Mrs Cuthbert’s Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur is quite possibly the perfect teatime treat, with tones of zingy lemon and light sugar syrup, followed by undertones of floral notes.

Buy Mrs Cuthbert’s Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur

6. Steampunk Explorer Rhubarb Gin

Steampunk Rhubarb
Steampunk Rhubarb

Steampunk Spirits are an award-winning spirits producer from the North East of England, who are known for creating spirits that are both easy on the palette and perfect for newcomers. Their Steampunk Explorer Rhubarb Gin is part of the same range that was developed specifically for B&M as their Steampunk Explorer Blood Orange Gin.

The perfect addition to both tonics and cocktails, the tart crisp edge of this rhubarb flavoured infusion perfectly complements the smooth gin base. This leaves us with a flavour profile that is both fruity and sharp.

7. JJ Whitley Violet Gin


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Out of all of the different flavoured gins that are currently available on the market, which is more quintessentially British than a violet gin? Violet gins are booming in popularity, and JJ Whitley’s Violet Gin is a flawless option for garden get-togethers under the sun.

The Chester-based distillers responsible for creating this enticing concoction have added eight additional botanicals, including juniper, liquorice and angelica, all perfectly complementing the floral element that is distinctive to violet gins. Let the subtle sweetness of this gin and memories of traditional sweets entice the taste buds as you indulge in colourful cocktails.

Buy JJ Whitley Violet Gin

Filling the Gin Cabinet

As you can see, the best flavoured gins to buy from B&M are a range of affordable spirits, with lots of delightful flavours for you to try. If you enjoyed this article, why not read our ‘8 Flavoured Gins You Need To Try’ article by clicking here.

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