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Add a Touch of Extravagance to your Drinks with Sparkle Drops and Fizz Bombs


Those of you who are already part of our gin-fuelled family will know that we are big fans of cocktails that shimmer as soon as they are hit by any form of light.

This has led to us discovering lots of new and exciting sparkly gin liqueurs that are still highlights at our parties.

Recently, we had the pleasure of finding out that you can actually purchase Sparkle Drops and Fizz Bombs to put in your drinks, making them twinkle and adding some new flavours in the process. Naturally, we had to try them out.

Fizz Bombs

Fizz Bombs sound like something that you should pick up off of a shelf in Lush and throw in your bathtub. Now, we understand that that would probably make for an interesting bath time, but we would much sooner recommend that you save them for your gin-infused cocktails.

Fizz Bombs

Each beautifully presented pack of Fizz Bombs contains approximately 20 servings, meaning that you can get through quite a lot of cocktails while you are testing them out. We would recommend throwing one or two in your favourite cocktail and seeing what happens. As an added bonus, all of Sparkle Drops products are naturally flavoured. At this moment in time, the flavours that are available include:

Rose Gold Rhubarb Stars

Rhubarb is a really popular flavour right now, with more and more gin distillers bringing out their own takes on rhubarb-flavoured gin. You don’t have to worry about that at all, because you can use the Sparkle Drops Rose Gold Rhubarb Stars to add a rhubarb flavour to your cocktail whilst also leaving it with a golden shimmer.

Rose Gold Raspberry Stars

Offering some lovely pink hues, the Sparkle Drops Rose Gold Raspberry Stars look like sparkly sweets that would be good enough to eat. We would highly recommend adding them to a traditional gin and tonic and garnishing it with a few fresh raspberries for a refreshing treat.

Golden Passion Fruit Stars

For a bright and golden shimmer, you might want to think about adding a couple of Sparkle Drops Golden Passion Fruit Stars to your party cocktails. There is something charming about mixing traditional tropical flavours with a touch of gold.

Blackcurrant Stars

Another one of our favourites out of all of the Fizz Bombs that we got to try, has to be the Sparkle Drops Blackcurrant Stars. These Fizz Bombs perfectly complement a number of different cocktails, and they can be used to really add a classic twist to those more traditional flavours.

These gorgeous little gems can be purchased on their online store at

Sparkle Drops Shimmer Syrup

For a slightly different experience, we also received a number of different Sparkle Drops Shimmer Syrup sets to see how well they went with some of our most popular cocktail recipes. Again, these naturally flavoured drops come in more than thirty different flavours and colours, meaning that you can make your gin shimmer however you want to. These magical drops also allow you to have the full strength gin! We also have to point out the high quality of these products really do make them that much more special.

Sparkle Drops Syrup

Our favourite shimmery sets included:

Classic Gift Set Shimmer Syrup

Classic Sparkle Drops

Cherry | Pineapple | Blackcurrant

As gin cocktail connoisseurs, we are always on the lookout for varied sets that we can use to really shake up our cocktail recipes. The fact that this set contains such different flavours gave us the opportunity to serve a classic gin and tonic in several different ways, re-creating some of those famous gin liqueur flavours in our glasses.

Unicorn Gift Set Shimmer Syrup

Unicorn Sparkle Drops

Cherry | Passion Fruit | Blue Raspberry

When we think about unicorn-style marketing, we think about a variety of different colours and tantalising flavours. That is by far one of the best things about these sets, the shimmers that they create can be tailored to meet your preferences. When you buy a gin liqueur, you get the same shimmer in every glass. With this Unicorn Gift Set, we were able to create different coloured hues in all of our cocktails.

Insider Tip: Try mixing some of these shimmers together.

Gin Gift Set Shimmer Syrup

Gin Sparkle Drops

Rhubarb | Elderflower | Lime

Traditional flavours always go down well with our team, age-old flavours that we can all recognise within seconds. This Gin Gift Set has been carefully curated to complement the botanicals that can be found in different varieties of gin. With rhubarb, elderflower and lime on the cards, there are plenty of different cocktails that you can make with these shimmery liquids.

Mermaid Gift Set Shimmer Syrup

Mermaid Sparkles

Marshmallow | Ocean Berry | Blackcurrant

When you imagine the hues of an imaginary mermaid’s tail, what colours can you see? In this set, you can see an eye-catching pink, turquoise that glimmers like the ocean under the sun and purple to add those under the waves at night tones into the mix. We love the flavours that are present in this set, with marshmallow having quickly become one that we know we are going to end up purchasing again.

Exclusive Discount Bonus

As a special bonus to our lovely followers, you can also get an additional £5 off when spending £35 or more by entering discount code: ‘Gin&Tonicly’ when checking out on their website at, this also comes with unlimited use!

Christmas is Coming!

Naturally, all of these liquid goodies would be perfect for the Christmas period that is fast approaching. Having cocktails full of shimmer is enough to add a touch of extravagance to any seasonal feast. For an added touch, you might want to take a look at the Sparkle Drops Naturally Flavoured Shimmer Gin Bauble Tree, a product that comes with several different size options and each bauble comes with full strength gin, ideal for those who aren’t after an excessively sweet finish. If you are like us, you won’t have to worry about not liking any of the flavours either, as you can create your own customised box of baubles!

Sparkle Drops Baubles

Pick yourselves up some Fizz Bombs, Shimmer Drops and Baubles today by visiting their online store at

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