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Marks & Spencer Release Pink Gin Cream


Tennis is one of Britain’s most beloved pastimes, and what do British people love to sit and eat as the events of some of Wimbledon’s many playing courts are full of action? Well, strawberries and cream of course.

Resonating with every aspect of the British summertime, strawberries and cream form one of our most iconic pairings.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the delightful pink gin cream that has just been released by M&S as a limited edition product. We will also be looking into the summer cocktail recipes that you could adorn with it.

Pink Gin Cream

What could better complement strawberries and cream than a pink gin flavoured cream could? This extra thick cream goes perfectly with strawberries and has been delicately infused with pink gin.

During Wimbledon season alone, Marks and Spencer have predicted that they will sell millions of boxes of their delightful pink gin cream. If it lives up to their knowledgeable expectations, this limited edition gin cream will officially be one of their best-selling seasonal products.

Rosie While, a Dairy Product Developer at M&S has previously described their gin cream as a real “game-changer” and stated that many M&S customers couldn’t resist adding the gin cream to their “favourite tipple”. You could easily use this gin to complement your favourite traditional court side snacks, or you could use it to add an extra layer to your favourite classic gin cocktails.

Photo: Marks & Spencer

Summer Gin Recipes

After tasting, we would highly recommend that you use this M&S pink gin cream with relatively simple recipes and sweet snacks. For an authentic experience during Wimbledon season, have it on top of some ripe strawberries as you sit outside in the sun watching players on the tennis courts. If you would prefer to, then you could instead choose to have it on top of other fresh fruit.

If you know that you prefer eating things that are just a little bit sweeter, then you could top a cheesecake or a trifle with this delicious gin cream, adding an extra layer of thoughtful opulence to either of them. You could also use it in a traditional Strawberries and Cream cocktail recipe.

If you currently use a gin cocktail recipe that calls for cream, then you could consider substituting a normal cream for this gin cream. The flavour will be slightly different, as this gin cream will bring an extra layer of richness to the mix with subtle hints of pink gin.

Eat Up

There you have it; M&S have created a small side that perfectly complements any day spent sat under the summer sun. You can use pink gin cream for a number of different purposes, from drizzling over your strawberries to adding to recipes in the kitchen. We would highly recommend that you get out and try this product while you still can.

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