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Aldi’s Christmas Gin Range


If you have read our articles in the past, then you will know that we are massive fans of the affordable bottlings that can be found lining supermarket shelves.

As the gin industry continues to grow at an astronomical rate in the United Kingdom, more and more supermarket giants are having to offer their own unique bottlings.

This is wonderful, as it pushes the industry further than it has ever been pushed before. Supermarket giants are focusing on what their customers want, the flavours they want to see and the many joys of season specific gins and gin liqueurs. Today, we are going to be taking a look at Aldi’s Christmas gin range.

Christmas Gins from Aldi

Over the past year, we have seen Aldi releasing award-winning gin after award-winning gin, with many mouth-watering bottles to be found there. Some of our favourite Christmas gins from their current range include:

Grey’s Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin

Grey's Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin

Fruity flavours always work well during the Christmas period, hence drinks like mulled wine being as popular as they are. If you are looking for a winter warmer, give Grey’s Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin a little try. This charming gin offers bursts of berry flavours, hints of apple and touches of cinnamon to get you through those cold nights.

The Infusionist Candy Cane Gin Liqueur

The Infusionist Candy Cane Gin Liqueur

Candy canes are quite the treat during the holiday season, especially when they can be found hanging off of Christmas trees as edible decorations. Initially, we were a little bit worried about trying this The Infusionist Candy Cane Gin Liqueur, because it would have been very easy for the peppermint to be overpowering. Luckily, it has been perfectly balanced with hints of smooth vanilla evening out the flavour.

The Infusionist Orange, Cranberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur

The Infusionist Orange, Cranberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur

Ginger and Christmas often go hand in hand, with people spending their time decorating ornate gingerbread houses and lighting candles that simply smell delicious. Naturally, this The Infusionist Orange, Cranberry & Gin Liqueur manages to blend the sweetness of orange zest with the spice of ginger, offering a perfectly balanced fruity and spicy mix that would go well with a number of seasonal dishes.

If you prefer simpler flavours, then you might want to give The Infusionist Gingerbread Gin Liqueur a try. This delightful liqueur offers all of the warmth that gingerbread should, with subtle notes of cinnamon and vanilla complementing the mix.

The Infusionist Sloe & Elderberry Gin Liqueur

The Infusionist Sloe & Elderberry Gin Liqueur

As the years pass by, we are noticing that gins and gin liqueurs that have been infused with sloe berries are becoming more and more popular around the holiday period. This makes perfect sense, as sloe berries always seem to warm you from the inside out. We would recommend using this The Infusionist Sloe & Elderberry Gin Liqueur in a warming winter cocktail.

Crafting Christmas Cocktails

If you are going to be hosting parties over the holiday period, then we would highly recommend adding a few of these affordable gin liqueurs to your current liqueur cabinet. With seasonal gin liqueurs, you will be able to make cocktails that truly seem to encapsulate the season, with many of them offering flavours that most people will be able to recognise.

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