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Macaronesian White Gin Review – Volcanic Gin from the Canary Islands


One of the first gins to come from the Canary Islands, Macaronesian Gin provides an elegantly refreshing and unique gin serve which is a pleasure to enjoy.

ABV: 40%
Price: £33.75
Recommended Garnish: Thinly sliced orange and lemon twists
Notable Botanicals: Juniper, cardamom, orange peel, angelica, liquorice, lemon peel
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Macaronesian White Gin Overview

To give a brief overview of the name, Macaronesia is the name of the collection of islands in the North Atlantic, these include the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and Azores while the name “Macaronesia” stems from the Greek words for “islands of the fortunate”.

Macaronesian White Gin is crafted in Santa Cruz, Tenerife and is one of the first gins to come out of the Canary Islands. This gin is crafted with local botanicals grown in the Canary Islands, Juniper Trees are native to the Canaries and other botanicals this gin’s made with include cardamom, orange peel, angelica, liquorice, lemon peel. The gin is also created with Volcanic filtered water, helping give this gin its refreshing taste.

Macaronesian White Gin Tasting Notes

Citrus, spicy, sweet
Delicate, fresh, orange, citrus, mineral tones
Smooth, crisp, citrus, spices

Serving Recommendation

Macaronesian Gin works extremely well with the basics, due to its smoothness and light and refreshing taste this can also be enjoyed neat over ice. However, we found this gin also works extremely well with some Premium Indian Tonic Water and citrusy garnishing which will really bring this gin to life.

  • 50ml Macaronesian White Gin
  • 150-200ml Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water
  • Freshly cut orange and lemon twists


Macaronesian Gin is a Canary Island wonder, its highly refreshing and citrusy mineral taste makes this gin truly unique and enjoyable.

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