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Red Door Gin Release Limited Edition Winter Bottling


Is there anything nicer than a limited edition bottling of gin that you know that you won’t be able to get your hands on again?

We love adding limited edition bottles to our cupboards, especially when they come from brands who are recognised for the quality of their distilleries and the spirits that they produce.

If ever you find yourself looking for an excuse to buy more gin, “limited edition” tends to work a treat. If you don’t purchase it now, then you might never again get the opportunity to.

A Winter Bottling

This particular limited edition bottling really caught our attention because it is said to contain a perfect blend of botanicals. So perfect, in fact, that they have managed to bottle the essence of winter in this small batch spirit.

Red Door Gin Winter Bottling
Red Door Gin Winter Bottling

Red Door Highland Gin with Winter Botanicals manages to really hone in on those seasonal flavours that we all know and love, offering hints of Christmas cake and the sweet zest of blood orange. As massive fans of festive numbers, we love seeing a blend of botanicals so carefully considered that it can produce the richness necessary to make a gin that can really stand out on the Christmas dining table.

Red Door Gin Visitor Experience
Red Door Gin Visitor Experience

If you have ever had the opportunity to try Red Door Highland Gin before, then you will know just how smooth you can expect this gin to be, having been built on a solid foundation of juniper and rowanberry. The winter botanicals that have been utilised when crafting this limited edition bottling include allspice, blood orange, hop blossom and sultanas, a winter flavour combination that really does bring this drink to life.

The Perfect Serve

Coming straight from the knowledgeable mouth of the distillery itself, it is recommended that you serve this gin with a premium tonic water and garnish it with a slice of orange or an orange twist. We would recommend using one of the current Fever-Tree Premium Tonic Water products to see what sort of flavours you can create.

Red Door Botanicals
Photo Credit: Red Door Gin

Alternatively, you could use this Red Door Highland Gin with Winter Botanicals when creating punch. We would recommend adding it to your current punch recipe, giving it a taste and then continuing on from there. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of experimentation, especially when it results in some delightful gin cocktails being the outcome.

Christmas is Coming

This bottle really is the perfect limited edition option for winter, but you might want to think about whether it would be worth gifting it to some of your gin loving friends and relatives too. We are certain that they will appreciate your keen eye for seasonal flavour trends, especially when they benefit them.

It is worth noting that only 6,000 bottles of Red Door Highland Gin with Winter Botanicals will be released for sale, meaning that you will have to act quickly if you want to get your hands on a bottle.

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