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Every Gin Lovers’ Dream Christmas Bauble Sets


You might not want to hear it just yet, but Christmas is just around the corner.

As Christmas comes closer, we begin looking for unique ways with which we can draw two of our favourite things, decorating and gin, closer together.By that, we mean that we develop a tendency to make our gin disappear whilst decorating so that we can wake up to a festive surprise the next morning.

This year, we have been presented with the perfect opportunity to bring the two activities closer together than ever before. Sparkle Drops, the charming creators of some of our favourite fizz bombs, have released a special range of truly luxurious, naturally flavoured Gin Baubles. Who doesn’t want to decorate their Christmas tree with baubles that are full of gin?

Sparkle Drops Baubles

Creating a Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

We found ourselves coming up with hundreds of different ideas when it came to how we would use these picture-perfect gin baubles, but our favourite would have to be using them as a Christmas tree advent calendar of sorts. There are ten different full-sized 250ml flavours. We would highly recommend using one of these as your Christmas Day special (and perhaps as nice surprise treats through the rest of the month). In the run-up to Christmas Day, there are loads of 50ml flavours for you to decorate your tree with.

Full-Sized Sparkly Gin Baubles

Each of the large Sparkle Drops Shimmer Gin Filled Baubles contain a traditional full-strength (37.5%) London Dry Gin and Sparkle Drops, a naturally-flavoured shimmery liquid. This makes each bauble glisten in a way that perfectly reflects the ornate beauty of the holiday period, we found the quality to be excellent and we believe anyone would be proud to be hanging these gorgeous shimmering gin baubles on display for everyone to see.

Gin Shimmer Baubles

We would highly recommend using these to decorate your Christmas tree, adding them to your own gin-fuelled advent calendars or gifting them to some of your gin loving friends and relatives. Given that each large bauble contains 250ml worth of London Dry Gin and Sparkle Drops, you can use yours to make quite a few glasses of gin and tonic. We found that these larger baubles are also perfect for making cocktails with, especially when you consider the fact that they come in ten different flavours.

For a truly whimsical experience, we would highly recommend the Winter Berry Gin, Spiced Apple Gin and Pink Marshmallow Gin.

To give your Christmas fizz that special touch, you can also tie the gin baubles together round the neck of a bottle of Prosecco, where they work beautifully as a Prosecco Topper.

Prosecco Toppers

Drink Ideas

One of the best things about this range of products is the fact that you really can unleash your inner creativity with them. You can pair each of the flavours with a traditional tonic water, or you can pull your cocktail making kit out of the cupboard and see what you come up with.

Drink Ideas

We think that you should start by adding some of these delightful flavours to cocktails that you already know and love drinking over the holiday period, especially if they are a little bit Christmassy. To add some warming touches of cinnamon to your drinks, make sure that you go with the Spiced Apple Gin. If you want something more refreshing, then the Iced Raspberry and its silver glitter will do just the trick.

At this moment in time, the full-sized flavours include:

Blue Raspberry Gin | Golden Passion Fruit Gin | Iced Raspberry Gin | Pink Marshmallow Gin | Rhubarb Gin | Spiced Apple Gin | Violet Gin | Warm Orange Gin | Winter Berry Gin

Miniature Gin Baubles

Now, if you do want to make a special kind of advent calendar for yourself, then you might have already realised that sticking twenty-five 250ml baubles full of gin on your Christmas tree might not be the best idea. That is unless you find the thought of your Christmas tree falling over absolutely hilarious.

Gin Shimmer Baubles

Luckily for you, Sparkle Drops also offer a miniature range of their Gin Baubles. This means that you can use miniature 50ml versions of the full-sized products to make sure that your perfectly decorated tree lasts until Christmas Day. Given that most of your favourite cocktail recipes will call for 25ml of gin, you should be able to get two gin and tonics or two cocktails out of every bauble.

You also have quite a few customisable options with this range, as you do have the option to handpick your own set of six Sparkle Drops Gin Baubles. If there are specific flavours that you want to try, then this is definitely the most cost-effective way of doing so.

Each of the miniature baubles contains a full-strength (37.5%) London Dry Gin and Sparkle Drops. At this moment in time, the miniature flavours include:

Blue Raspberry Gin | Elderflower Gin | Iced Raspberry Gin | Marshmallow Gin | Ocean Berry Gin | Passion Fruit Gin | Raspberry Gin | Rhubarb Gin | Spiced Apple Gin | Violet Gin | Winter Berry Gin

Gin Shimmer Baubles

Prepping for Christmas

In some ways, we all like to pretend that Christmas is further away than it actually is. In January, most of us will have been thinking that Christmas was a long way away, but here it is again, right on our doorstep.

If you are planning on decorating with some Sparkle Drops Gin Baubles, then you should just make sure that you keep them well out of reach of any young children who might be visiting. We all know just how attractive sparkly things can be to children, they’re like magnets.

Alternatively, you might want to consider gifting a set of Gin Baubles to your nearest and dearest, especially if you have some idea of what flavours they might like.

Sparkle Drops Gin Baubles can be purchased online by visiting their website at

Exclusive Discount Bonus

As a special bonus to our lovely followers, you can also get an additional £5 off when spending £35 or more by entering discount code: ‘Gin&Tonicly’ when checking out on their website at, this also comes with unlimited use!

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