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Gin and Jammies Fundraiser Let’s You Drink Gin For Charity With Friends


Have you ever felt like getting into your jammies, relaxing with a glass of gin, and just letting go of the stresses of everyday life?

How about doing precisely that, but with all of your friends there in jammies as well. The Gin and Jammies Charity Fundraiser will allow you the opportunity to provide your closest friends with a glass of gin and an evening in pyjamas.

Gin & Jammies

The fundraiser, which benefits St Barnabas Hospice, is a DIY opportunity to drink gin and play games in your jammies. St Barnabas has partnered with Pin Gin to offer cocktail recipes and game ideas for the event.

To participate, invite your friends, advising them of the dress code, and ask them to bring a bottle of their favourite gin. At this point, encourage your guests to provide a donation to St Barnabas for the Gin and Jammies fundraiser. The money earned by the charity will go towards the care and support provided by St Barnabas.

St Barnabas is a charity that provides in-home and on-site hospice care. They also offer dementia support, palliative care, and so much more. The donation process they have set up is quick and easy, so there is no reason not to contribute to this worthy cause.

Gin & Jammies Fundraiser
Photo Credit: St Barnabas

Pin Gin has partnered with St Barnabas to help with the fundraiser. Pin Gin is well known for its London Dry, which has received awards for its excellence. Bottomley Distillers has done a fantastic job reinventing their brand and continuing its remarkable history in the region. The distillery has also released a new Lincolnshire Single Malt Whisky that comes in at 41 per cent ABV.

Photo Credit: St Barnabas

Bottomley also offers a strawberry-infused variant of their popular Pin Gin called Pin Gin Premium Pink. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, this may be an excellent purchase to share with your loved one. Pick this bottle up for £36.90.

Pin Gin Premium Pink would be a fantastic tipple to bring to a Gin and Jammies party when invited. If hosting, make sure to have some on hand, as well as their London Dry and the fun and fruity Valencian Orange.

Bottomley Distillers also offers a spiced version of their gin, as well as a very unique Pin Gin Sloe. This creation comes from combining the standard botanicals with delicate sloe berries and steeping them for 24 hours before starting the distillation process.

Gin & Jammies
Photo Credit: St Barnabas

Whether you bring a simple plunk or a tasty tipple, make sure to attend a fundraiser. The charity is quite worthy, and the funds will be put to great use by the organization. The charity recommends charging a fee to attend, then donating that fee directly. That is undoubtedly the simplest way to make a donation. There is also the added benefit of being able to participate in a gathering in your pyjamas.

St Barnabas Facebook page has a list of cocktail recipes and videos, and quotes inspired by gin to share with partygoers.

The Gin and Jammies Charity Fundraiser is the perfect way to celebrate any upcoming milestones or events in your life as well. If you have an unrelated party, incorporate jammies, and you are ready to contribute.

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