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The Best World Gin Day 2019 Events


It goes without saying that World Gin Day is one of our favourite annual occurrences. We like to use it as the perfect excuse to drink as much gin as possible, and you are more than welcome to use that excuse too.

This worldwide event is a true delight, and today we are going to be sharing some of the best upcoming World Gin Day 2019 events with you.

World Gin Day 2019 Events in the United Kingdom

Leeds – Gin Journey @ Leeds

There are a few different Gin Journey events taking place across the United Kingdom, but we definitely prefer some to others. In Leeds, you will be given five delightful samples and cocktails, and you will be chauffeured between some of our favourite drinking spots.

London – Whitley Neill Takeover @ Century Club

We have a soft spot for the gins that are distilled by Whitley Neill, so it comes as no surprise that this event has our attention. The Century Club rooftop is one of the most prestigious spots in Soho, and it looks set to display a special menu of luxurious classic cocktails and summer cocktails that will perfectly complement the laid back atmosphere of the terrace.

Manchester – World Gin Day Manchester 2019 @ Manchester

Spread across the entire city, Manchester’s independent take on World Gin Day is set to take place at multiple venues. A number of these will be offering some amazing gin deals, and customers will potentially have the opportunity to meet people who work for some of the world’s most prestigious distilleries.

Oxford – The Gin to my Tonic Festival @ Oxford Town Hall

We love multi-layered events, and any event that brings together more than a hundred different varieties of gin is certain to leave us enthralled. In Oxford, the Gin to my Tonic Festival has been specially curated to take gin drinkers on a journey of self-discovery. Live sessions with experts will also be available throughout the day, so you should try to plan your day around them.

Yorkshire – The Yorkshire Gin Trail @ Yorkshire

Taking place across the region, the Yorkshire Gin Trail can be found covering areas from York to Sheffield. Dozens of different bars are going to be participating, and you will be able to collect a “Gin Trail Passport” from any of them. If you buy a Mason’s cocktail, then you will receive a stamp. When your passport is full, you will receive a free small bottle of Mason’s Yorkshire Gin to enjoy.

World Gin Day 2019 Events Around the World

Australia – The Melbourne Gin Company’s Unusual Gin & Wine Lunch @ The European

We won’t ever be the types to shy away from a gin adventure, which is why the thought of an Unusual Gin & Wine Lunch has us captivated. Steeped in history, The European perfectly encapsulates the Victorian era, and a range of delightful cocktails will be yours to enjoy here as you watch a master alchemist at work.

World Gin Day @ Mitchell Harris

If you have heard of Four Pillars Gin before, then you will already know what makes Australian events so enticing. The World Gin Day celebrations at Mitchell Harris in Ballarat have been designed by an in-house team and the Four Pillars crew, meaning that you can set your expectations high and know that they will be met.

Barbados – Fentimans & Hendrick’s World Gin Day Party @ Corky’s Garage

Nestled along the shores of this sun-kissed country, the creative team at Corky’s Garage are known for their inventive array of opulent cocktails. For World Gin Day 2019, they are going to be celebrating two of our favourite brands, Fentimans and Hendrick’s! What more could a gin lover want?

Japan – Gin Festival 2019 @ Tokyo

This prestigious festival is one of our favourites, with thousands of people attending on an annual basis. If you are in Tokyo for World Gin Day, then we would recommend going and perusing the hundreds of gins that will be on offer, from local Japanese specialities to well-known brands that you will already be more than acquainted with.

South Africa – Gin Day @ The Field Market

Johannesburg is a beautiful place, bursting with colour and charm. A field market is held in the city on a monthly basis, and there will be some special gin celebrations around to celebrate World Gin Day. With both local and international options available, there will be plenty for you to amuse your taste buds with.

Sweden – Stockholm Gin Fest 2019 @ Clarion Hotel Sign

Taking place at the Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Stockholm Gin Fest 2019 is the first independent gin festival in the country. Here, there are going to be dozens of different types of gins to try, with a major focus on gins that are distilled in Nordic countries. This festival looks like it is set to be a great option for people who love enjoying firm favourites and tipples from lesser-known brands.

Choosing an Event

As you can see, there are a number of different World Gin Day 2019 events for you to choose from. We would recommend that you also check out your local establishments, as a lot of them will be arranging celebrations and special offers for the day. If you are trying to decide which gin festival or event is the right one for you, then you should perhaps take a look at what gins will be on offer.

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