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Welcoming Christmas with Shimmery Snow Fairy Gin Liqueur


We love welcoming the Christmas period with open arms.

It offers us every excuse to indulge in classic treats, create Yuletide cocktails and sing Christmas songs as loud as we want to. That last bit is because it’s Christmas, not because we drank far too many gin-infused cocktails.

Luckily for us, Home Bargains have got us covered from every angle this year with one of their newest offerings…

A Shimmery Exclusive

Would Christmas ever really feel like Christmas without shaking a snow globe and watching the glitter as it falls on the Christmas scene below? We feel like Home Bargains have really focused on this when releasing their newest exclusive product, a gin liqueur that really does encapsulate the nostalgic feeling of snow globes and ice-topped landscapes.

You can immediately see that Home Bargains and Manchester Drinks have come together to capture the spirit of Christmas with this one. Their new Snow Fairy Gin Liqueur claims to have been cut with fairy water, a concept that we have fallen in love with. Who doesn’t want to drink fairy water?

Snow Fairy Gin

Naturally, we don’t know what actual fairy water would taste like, nor do we have anything that we could use to draw a comparison. But, we do know that this gin liqueur tastes like Christmas cheer is one of the botanicals that has been used during the distillation process.

The actual botanicals in this Snow Fairy Gin Liqueur really hone in on those traditional Christmas flavours, including cinnamon, orange and spices. What more could you want to get you through a cold, dark night as we all begin the countdown to Christmas Day?

Making Gifting Easy

If you find yourself wanting to purchase a present for someone who you know loves gin and gin liqueurs, then you might want to think about getting them a bottle of Snow Fairy Gin Liqueur. Naturally, we are certain that most gin lovers would absolutely love to receive a bottle of this on Christmas Day, especially when you consider the fact that it could be added to both classic drinks and cocktails.

If you do decide to gift it, make sure that you add a little note telling your friends and relatives to give it a swirl. When this bottle is still, the liquid is simply clear. When it is swirled, it glimmers in a way that evokes images of light scattering atop ice on a lake.

Hitting the Shelves

Home Bargains - Snow Fairy Gin

This delightful offering from Manchester Drinks will be hitting the shelves of Home Bargains on the 4th November. If you haven’t picked your festive tipple just yet, then this one can be found right near the top of our recommendations. Get a fire going and pour yourself a glass.

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