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Eden Mill Launches Alcohol-Free Gin Range ‘Eden Nil’


Eden Mill has delivered its new line of alcohol-free beverages with the launch of the cleverly labelled Eden Nil.

The distiller, who is known for its Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueurs, made the new line available at around £1.50 per can. Be on the lookout at your favourite shops or taverns and give this unique drink a taste.

Eden Nils recipe is an attempt to create the unique flavour of the distillers’ gin minus the alcohol. The distiller reached out to expert botanists to finely craft a blend of water, juniper, coriander, lemon balm and cardamom to create a flavour that is quite indistinguishable from that of a 5% ABV drink. According to Eden Mill, 75% of drinkers could detect no difference between the alcohol-free version and the 5% version. If that statistic holds, we could soon be seeing a standard gin review taking a deep dive into a non-alcoholic option like this.

Eden Nil Gin
Photo Credit: Eden Mill

The options available are Gin and Tonic as well as Love Gin & Rose Lemonade.

Low and No Alcohol Alternatives

Trends are showing an increased number of drinkers who are searching for low or no alcohol content drinks. In an interview with the co-founder of Eden Mill, Paul Miller, he explained the approach his distillery undertook to develop the product. “We definitely set ourselves a challenge by creating a product that doesn’t feature Eden Mill Gin, but still has the unique Eden Mill gin taste, synonymous with our brand.”

Mr Miller went on to discuss industry trends that are showing an increase in demand for non-alcoholic and low content drinks. “Year on year, we can see there is a 25% increase in sales of no/low-alcoholic drinks.” The increase in demand is changing the outlook of how the industry is conducting its overall development of products. Everything from purchasing non-alcoholic gin in the shops to having those options available for a bartender to offer a customer is increasing now. The reality is that non-alcoholic drink and low-content drink options are becoming a valuable and integral part of the gin business, and the overarching world of alcohol sales in general.

Unique Flavouring and Design

Eden Nil
Photo Credit: Eden Mill

Eden Mill gin is known for its unique flavour characteristics, which the distillery enhances with the use of locally sourced botanicals from St Andrews gardens. Its gin reviews have been quite positive, and the story of the distillery is quite a different approach than other Scottish distilleries. It began life primarily as a craft brewery, delving into gin and whisky distillation only later, and has been keen to keep experimenting with flavour.

Eden Nil has a unique label as well. The cans feature quite elaborate, sophisticated designs with the inspiration coming from Edinburgh’s Secret Herb Garden. The goal was to reference the locally sourced botanicals that go into the product, while also styling it as a sophisticated, mature beverage.

Eden Mill
Photo Credit: Eden Mill

Eden Mill gin reviews have been quite positive overall, and the addition of this newest entry is nothing to overlook. You can certainly enjoy one of its seasonal small-batch varieties, such as the aptly named Golf gin, which added Hickory shavings, or the unusual Hop gin, which is created with the same hops used for producing beer. Developing non-alcoholic beverages is a way to add to that creative legacy.

Those that have curtailed their drinking and those who are the night’s designated drivers will be glad to have healthier options that are more flavourful than a soda or the like. The overall sales impact could be enormous, as Mr Miller has attested, leaving little reason not to try one of the new non-alcoholic options on the menu.

The overall gin reviews of the new Eden Nil are positive. The launch was aptly timed with Dry January, during which drinkers abstain for a month. The point is to recover and cleanse after overindulging during the holidays.

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Eden Mill launches alcohol-free G&T series.

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