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Home Bargains releases Raspberry and Rose Gin Liqueur in time for Valentines Day


This Valentine’s day why not enjoy a nice bottle of Home Bargains Raspberry and Rose Gin Liqueur.

This decidedly fun bottle of gin liqueur comes in at a mild 20 per cent ABV, while standard gin will generally be between 38 and 43 per cent ABV. The drink is blended with rose flavouring, giving it a subtle rose taste. Pairing with lemonade is a sweet treat, though a gin and fuzzy is probably a better way to enjoy.

A Valentine Tradition

Manchester Drinks, the maker of this offering, recommend pairing it with prosecco or Champagne. When preparing to pour for your Valentine, make sure to give the bottle a shake first, as this causes it to shimmer rather like a snow globe. As the maker, Manchester Drinks are also responsible for creating beverages in several different varieties, including Blood Orange (Limited Ed.), Rhubarb & Ginger, Parma Violet and Mystical Unicorn. These are all varieties in the same range as Raspberry and Rose Gin Liqueur. Manchester has teamed with Home Bargains in the past, with their most recent offering being the Blood Orange, sold for Halloween.

Raspberry & Rose Gin Liqueur
Raspberry & Rose Gin Liqueur

The entry price for this plonk is £8.00, so it is priced right. Other retailers’ entries are sure to arrive before the big day as well. The usual suspects are Asda, who had a £10 bottle of red raspberry and rose flavoured gin last season, and possibly a pink Gordons, as they provided in 2018 at £13 a bottle.

This year, Asda has released a Cherry Blossom and Lychee Gin Liqueur, which comes from an inspiration of traditional Japanese flavours. The bottle is quite beautifully decorated, with berries and flowers on the labelling, and a lovely pink coloured liqueur giving the label a colourful background. This addition is priced as previous entries have been from Asda, at a very reasonable £10.00. Asda’s Product Developer said: “Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to remind loved ones just how much you care, adding special finishing touches, like a deliciously romantic gin liqueur, to your evening can make it extra special.”

There hasn’t been any word on an entry from Gordon’s this year, but there is still time.

Or Maybe Galentine’s?

If you are celebrating Galentine’s, (or Pallentines? Anyone?) instead this year, be sure to have a bottle of the Raspberry and Rose Gin Liqueur on hand and enjoy some cocktails. Try mixing with Champagne for a nice, smooth Gin & Fizz. Just remember, never over imbibe and drive home. Great time for a sleepover, maybe even a pyjamas party. If that’s the case, make sure to donate to the Gin and Jammies fundraiser. A Valentine’s party with the proceeds going to charity is the perfect way to express to your pals that you care.

This year, Home Bargains warns that inventory is limited to bottles on hand, so if this tipple sounds like it is for you, make sure to get a bottle (or two) before it sells out. It’s safe to assume the same with the Asda Cherry Blossom and Lychee Gin Liqueur. Stock up now to save yourself an unwanted surprise as the day gets closer.


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