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Isle of Harris Lavender Martini


If you’re looking for a gin based cocktail with a floral tone, this one’s for you.

Created with Isle of Harris Gin and Dry Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry, this Lavender Martini recipe by Isle of Harris Gin provides a highly pleasant floral serve ideal for those who enjoy a light, refreshing gin serve with beautiful floral hints.


  • 50ml Isle of Harris Gin
  • 7.5ml Briottet Creme de Violette Liqueur
  • 15ml Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry (Dry)
  • Dried Lavender flowers


1. Chill a Martini glass with crushed ice.
2. Pour the dry vermouth over the crushed ice.
3. In a chilled mixing glass, add 3 lavender flowers, Isle of Harris Gin and the Creme de Violette.
4. Add cubed ice to the mixing glass and stir with a bar spoon for precisely 45 seconds to achieve the desirable dilution.
5. Discard crushed ice and vermouth from the Martini glass.
6. Double strain contents of the mixing glass into the vermouth washed Martini glass.
7. Garnish with a dried lavender flower.

Recipe and photo credit Harris Distillery

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