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B&M Glittery Pornstar Martini


There is something almost immersive about ordering a Pornstar Martini at a classic bar, sitting back on your stool and waiting for your drink to be served like an extra in a silver screen film.

Only, those extras would never have been exposed to the 21st-century delight that is the Pornstar Martini.

What if we told you that you no longer have to choose between a Pornstar Martini and a classic gin liqueur? Would you believe us? If you would never believe that the two can intertwine, then today you are going to be surprised.

A Classic Pornstar Martini

Classic Pornstar Martini
Classic Pornstar Martini

A classic Pornstar Martini is a cocktail that is both loved and recognised by people all around the world. It successfully blends the subtleness of sweet vanilla flavours with the natural heat of vodka, as well as with a touch of passionfruit that perfectly complements the sweetness of this storied cocktail.

Capturing a Pornstar Martini in a Gin Liqueur

Pornstar Martini Gin
Pornstar Martini Gin

You might be wondering why we would spend our time talking about a Pornstar Martini. Don’t we deal with all things gin? We do. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a rather delightful Pink Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur that is currently being sold by B&M.

This charming gin liqueur has actually been brought to B&M by Zymurgorium, a distillery that is currently making waves in the gin industry. Naturally, the classic Pornstar Martini has served as a major inspiration for dozens of drinks over the decades, with this offering being amongst the most recent.

Perfectly blending the sweetness of vanilla with the tanginess of passionfruit, this gin liqueur is the embodiment of a Pornstar Martini. As you swirl your glass, you will notice the liqueur shimmer under the light.

We love this gin liqueur. It really does taste exactly like the sort of Pornstar Martini that you would have whipped up by a cocktail expert in a hotel bar. Naturally, this classic liqueur would go down a treat at parties, where your guests would be guaranteed to notice the way that it tastes and sparkles.

A Cocktail Themed Extravaganza

When we take a look at the products that stores like B&M have been releasing over the past few years, we can see that they are continuing to push boundaries in the world of alcohol. This time around, the Pink Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur is not the only product to have been released by Zymurgorium for B&M.

There is also an incredibly refreshing Peach Bellini Gin Liqueur. The peach undertones that come with this gin liqueur make it the perfect option for fruit-based cocktails. Naturally, both of these gin liqueurs shimmer, making them look just as attractive in your liqueur cabinet as they do in your cocktail.

Bottoms Up!

One of our favourite things about the gins and gin liqueurs that can be found in B&M stores is the prices that come attached to them. Both the Pink Pornstar Martini Gin Liqueur and the Peach Bellini Gin Liqueur only cost £17.99 each, making them much more affordable than some of the products that are offered by competitors. It is also worth noting that these Zymurgorium gin liqueurs are currently exclusive to B&M.

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