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Speedy Gin! Exploring the UK’s Pre-Mixed Cocktails


We understand that making cocktails can be a little bit tedious, and sometimes you simply don’t want to make a cocktail by yourself. But, you also might not want to go to a bar and have a skilled bartender make one for you.

Luckily, when we take a look at the field of pre-mixed cocktails such as gin and tonic cans, we can see that a number of UK-based distillers and suppliers are currently working hard behind the scenes, with more and more being blended and released annually.

It can be quite difficult to tell whether or not a ready-made cocktail or gin and tonic in a can is worth trying, which is why we are going to be sharing a selection of our favourite pre-mixed cocktails with you today. We would highly recommend that you try some under the sun, especially with warmer weather approaching.

Pre-Mixed Cocktails

One of the best things about pre-mixed cocktails is the fact that they require minimal effort on your part. You can drink them straight out of the can or the bottle, or you can pour them into a glass full of ice for a truly refreshing treat. You don’t need to stir them, shake them or measure them, simply crack open your gin and tonic in a can or pre-mixed cocktail and you’re ready to go, just don’t forget to chill them first!

Our favourite pre-mixed cocktails include:

1. Sipsmith’s Gin and Tonic

For a rather traditional take on a gin and tonic, Sipsmith have blended their highly refined London Dry gin with a classic tonic to create a truly delightful pre-mixed spirit. These ready-made drinks are wonderful because they are of a much higher quality than some of the other ready-made gin and tonics that can already be found gracing the shelves of our supermarkets.

We would highly recommend pouring one of these into a glass full of ice on a hot summer’s day, or drinking a chilled one straight out of the can if you are enjoying a party or festival.

2. Kopparberg’s Strawberry and Lime Gin

Kopparberg Gin in a can
Kopparberg Gin in a can

The packaging of Kopparberg’s Strawberry and Lime Gin is what truly captivates, with a quaint Swedish village printed on the front of it and lots of charming pink hues. Kopparberg are best known for their ciders, but their Strawberry and Lime Gin is just as appealing, having been specially created for outdoor occasions.

We have found that this gin reminds us of a traditional summer cocktail, but without any of the work that goes into making one. Drink this straight out of the can, or enjoy it on ice for a truly refreshing experience.

3. Gordon’s Pink Gin and Tonic

Gordons Pink Gin in a Can
Gordons Pink Gin in a can

If you have been drinking gin for quite a while, then you are probably already familiar with Gordon’s Pink Gin. This gin is known for the sweetness of the fresh fruits that it contains and the way that they complement the lingering bit of juniper, and it works perfectly in a Gordon’s Pink Gin and Tonic.

Now, making a Gordon’s Pink Gin and Tonic at home is a relatively easy task. If you are going to be drinking at home, then we would actually recommend making this one from scratch. But, if you are going to be drinking at an event, then we would highly recommend taking some of these mouth-watering cans with you.

4. BLOOM Gin and Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Fentimans & Bloom Gin in a can
Fentimans & Bloom Gin in a can

Enticing flavours of honeysuckle and camomile intertwine in BLOOM’s prestigious London Dry gin, and the gin itself is perfectly complemented by Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade. If you are the type of person who enjoys drinking lemonade in the summer, then you will be happy to hear that Fentiman’s Lemonade is made with real lemons and natural rose otto oil.

This is one of those pre-mixed cocktails that has to be tried to be believed, but the fact that it won the Gold Medal at the Pre-Mixed Challenge Awards in 2015 should be enough to tell you everything that you need to know.

5. Eden Mill’s Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin

Eden Mill Gin & Tonic in a can
Eden Mill Gin in a can

Eden Mill are known for their delightfully flavoured gins and gin liqueurs, and the Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin that can be found inside of this can is no exception. With an exceptional level of sweetness, the pink grapefruit perfectly complements the luxury tonic that has been used, offering you a special treat for the summer.

If you would like to try something zesty and yet sweet, Eden Mill’s ready-made Plum and Pink Grapefruit Gin is the one that you should try first.


We would be happy to predict that, over the next few years, the types of gin cocktails that are available as pre-mixed cocktails will only continue to grow and grow. We can’t wait to see what distillers and supermarkets create, and we can only imagine just how mouth-watering each additional option will be.

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