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An Introduction to the Best Gins From Around The World


With World Gin Day just passing us by, we have found our thoughts drifting further and further towards the different types of gins that can be found around the world.

Out of all of the gins of the world, the type of gin that has been created for this annual event is a true delight, encapsulating botanicals from each of the seven continents to take your taste buds on a worldwide adventure.

Today, we are going to be sharing a selection of our favourite international gin brands with you. Some of these will be easy to find on the shelves of British supermarkets, and others might require a little bit more exploration.

Some Of The Best Gins From Around The World

One of our favourite things about gin is the fact that the way that it is distilled around the world very rarely changes. Everyone focuses on how different blends of gin ingredients that we refer to as botanicals can be used to create an array of different flavours and textures. No two flavours are exactly the same.

Our favourite gins of the world include:

1. No. 209 Gin – American

If you want to add an extra layer to a classic gin cocktail, then you should think about purchasing a bottle of No. 209 gin to add to your gin cabinet. This relatively complex gin has become a favourite among a British audience, because its flavour profile resonates with traditional tea and subtle notes of citrus.

2. SANTAMANÍA – Spanish

For a truly fruity delight, the Spanish SANTAMANÍA’s Gin has a core that is perfectly structured around the sun-kissed vineyards of Madrid, with generous lashings of grapes, raspberries and almonds. We are anticipating that this gin will only grow in popularity here in the United Kingdom, as it is slowly gaining more and more of a British audience.

3. Four Pillars Gin – Australia

The Australian gin market is very much the underdog in the world of gin, and Four Pillars Gin is a fantastic example of just how well the Australian market can perform when it is given ample opportunity to bloom. This charming gin has a twist that is unique to the country it calls home, as Tasmanian pepperberry leaves are used during the multi-layered distillation process to add an inimitable warmth to the spirit.

4. Monkey 47 – German

Monkey 47 Gin should capture your attention immediately, simply because it has been named after the number of botanicals that are used during the distillation process. What sort of gin would require 47 different botanicals? This one.

We can see how popular this gin has swiftly become by tracking its organic growth, as it has a large consumer base here in the United Kingdom even though it hasn’t actually been pushed here.

5. Crafter’s London Dry Gin – Estonian

If you know anything about the process that is involved in creating your favourite gins, then you will know that without the addition of botanicals during the distillation process gin would basically be vodka. Some of the best vodka in the world is distilled in Estonia, so it is only natural that an Estonian company would fit in perfectly on this list.

Crafter’s London Dry Gin encapsulates a range of unique botanicals that include mint and grapefruit, but the addition of veronica is what really gives it a distinctive Estonian touch.

6. Hernö Blackcurrant Gin – Swedish

Flavoured gins are rapidly becoming popular around the world, and Sweden’s Hernö Blackcurrant Gin is certain to captivate anyone who enjoys indulging in the flavours of summer.

This delicious gin doesn’t look like much on the outside, but it tastes more flavoursome than any other blackcurrant gin that we have had the pleasure of trying. This gin is perfectly balanced, with the presence of honey taking away from the sharp bitterness that the blackcurrants would otherwise leave us with.

7. Rutte Celery Gin – Dutch

For a truly unique experience, you should perhaps think about trying Rutte Celery Gin. This rather distinctive gin is distilled in the Netherlands, and the celery flavour is something of an acquired taste. We would recommend trying this gin in a summer cocktail.

An International Adventure

For World Gin Day, you might wish to set off on your own adventure of the gins of the world, learning about their differences and their similarities as you do, and perhaps sharing them on social media. We would recommend trying all of these gins on their own over ice, and in some of the lush cocktails that can be found across our website.

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