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Edinburgh Gin – Orange Blossom & Mandarin with Orange Tonic


Crafted with the highly popular and highly refreshing Edinburgh Gin Liqueur Orange Blossom & Mandarin, this cocktail is an absolute joy to drink.

This cocktail instills summer scents, with a sweet zesty taste the liqueur pairs brilliantly with Orange Tonic to create this mouth watering serve. Although an easy cocktail to create, the taste is far from simple. It’s highly refreshing, with floral orange blossom undertones and a gorgeous citrus finish which is enhanced by the tonic. It’s certainly a crowd pleaser and a simple serve for summer garden parties.


  • 50ml Orange Blossom and Mandarin Gin Liqueur (20% Abv)
  • Valencia Orange Tonic
  • Orange twist


1. Add 50ml Orange Blossom Liqueur to a highball or tom collins glass over ice
2. Top with Valencia Orange Tonic or Soda water
3. Garnish with an orange twist.

Note: To give this more of a gin-kick, simply add 25ml of Plain Premium Gin such as Tanqueray.

Recipe and photo credit Edinburgh Gin

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