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7 Of Our Favourite Zymurgorium Gins


Manchester’s first gin producer is making a name for itself at a surprisingly rapid pace, given that it has been distilling gins for less than five years.

Their innovative range of Zymurgorium gins combines classic flavours and dessert-flavoured delights, so we thought it best to share some of our favourites with you, perhaps to serve as an inspiration for your gin collection.

A Brief History

The roots of Zymurgorium can be traced back to one man’s love for foraging and discovering new and exciting ingredients, now the base of the botanicals that the company uses.

Manchester’s first distillery has been making its range of innovative spirits since the start of 2015, with two different methods of distillation being used within their walls.

They utilise both reflux fractional distillation and pot-still distillation. The former is used when producing their pure spirits, many of which are used as smooth bases for their gins, and the latter is used when creating their charming hand-crafted gins. During the distillation process, we can see that a plethora of different botanicals are being used. We love seeing innovation in the world of gin, and their own distillation process is currently patent pending.

1. Zymurgorium: Manchester’s Original Gin

Price: £29.95

In our opinion, one of the best gins that are distilled by Zymurgorium is their signature Zymurgorium: Manchester’s Original Gin. This gin works perfectly in a gimlet, so it should definitely be considered when you are looking at classic gin cocktail recipes.

We love the fact that this gin resonates with the region that surrounds it. Its thoughtful distilled honey base perfectly encapsulates Manchester’s past, with the bee being a literal embodiment of the city. This gin offers a floral and yet honey-infused base with a hint of spice, and it comes in a truly delightful stoneware bottle.

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2. Zymurgorium: Cherry on Top Bakewell Gin Liqueur

Price: £19.95

What could be better than a classic gin liqueur that perfectly encapsulates the flavour palette of a Bakewell tart? Zymurgorium’s Cherry on Top Bakewell Gin Liqueur is a delicious concoction, perfectly blending a palette that includes almonds, fresh cherries and brown sugar, with the taste of cherries lingering long after that initial mouthful.
We would highly recommend that you try this indulgent gin liqueur in cocktails or poured over ice.

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3. Zymurgorium: The Original Marmalade-of-Manchester Gin

Price: £29.95

Flawlessly capturing the many joys of breakfast treats, Zymurgorium’s The Original Marmalade-of-Manchester Gin is a gem of the citrus variety, with generous bursts of lime, lemon and tangerine. It’s easy to imagine how many citrus fruits have gone into the distillation process with this one.

This enchanting gin was made in collaboration with one of the oldest jam producers in the UK, Duerr’s. Perfect for summer cocktails and warm winter treats, enjoy this with a lemon twist or an orange twist to really hone in on those underlying flavours.

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4. Zymurgorium: Realm of the Unicorn Liqueur

Price: £19.95

7 Of Our Favourite Zymurgorium Gins
Zymurgorium: Realm of the Unicorn Liqueur

We want to start by saying that this gin is certainly not for everyone. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and tend to lean towards bitter gins, then back away slowly. Comparisons between Zymurgorium’s Realm of the Unicorn Gin Liqueur and candy floss could quite easily be drawn, as a pink-hued shimmer that glitters under the light forms the base of this drink.

This iridescent liqueur adds a heavenly shimmer to cocktails, but it has been specially crafted to embody the mythical creatures who share its name. With divine dashes of vanilla, marshmallow and marzipan, this gin liqueur also offers something in the form of balance with the presence of juniper berries.

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5. Zymurgorium: Forced Darkeside Rhubarb Gin Liqueur

Price: £20.00

When science fiction film franchises and gin liqueurs combine, you know that you could be in for quite the adventure. Here, the choice between tanginess and sweetness is yours to make, as both are combined in Zymurgorium’s Forced Darkeside Rhubarb Gin Liqueur.

We would highly recommend upgrading a traditional gin and tonic with this gin liqueur, for a refreshing experience. Alternatively, you may instead wish to add it to a garden party cocktail, as the light notes of tart cranberry and sweet rhubarb are certain to delight guests.

Click here to buy Zymurgorium: Forced Darkeside Rhubarb Gin Liqueur

6. Zymurgorium: Strawberry & Mint Gin Liqueur

Price: £20.00

We absolutely love seeing fruits aplenty added to gins and gin liqueurs during the distillation process, and Zymurgorium’s Strawberry & Mint Gin Liqueur boasts an impressive recipe that is approximately 50% pressed strawberries. Who doesn’t love strawberries?

Strawberries and mint are a classic and storied combination, and this gin liqueur offers a wonderful take on it. Best indulged in as a lush side to summer desserts, this gin liqueur could be used to update a traditional gin and tonic, for a vibrant and fruity take on the classic.

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7. Zymurgorium: Choc-o-Bloc Gin Liqueur

Price: £30.00

Gin and chocolate are two things that we hold closest to us, and finding the two combined in such a mouth-watering manner is enough to send us spinning. Zymurgorium’s Choc-a-Bloc Gin Liqueur is a fantastic example of one of those flavoured gins that we believe everyone should try, as this versatile spirit can be used in a plethora of different ways.

We would recommend splashing this gin liqueur into cocktails for an inventive twist, as the strong taste of cocoa fades into a smooth base with just a dash of vanilla.

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Tasting Manchester’s Finest Gin

While the ever-evolving world of gin and gin liqueur offers plenty of exciting products to captivate your taste buds, no gin cupboard is truly complete without a bottle of Zymurgorium. For a traditional gin, stick to their signature products. If you enjoy making cocktails or indulging in sweet treats, then set out to try some of their many ground-breaking flavours.

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