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Sweet Gin Lover? Meet Lemon Meringue Pie Gin


We absolutely love trying new gins, and when a rather aesthetically appealing bottle of lemon meringue flavoured gin landed on our doorstep we all quite literally flew into the kitchen to open it.

Who doesn’t love the gentle combination of puddings and carefully-distilled spirits? Today, we are going to be sharing our thoughts on the Corner 53 Lemon Meringue Gin with you.

An Innovative Distillery

This charming lemon meringue flavoured gin was brought to us by Corner 53 Spirits, an innovative distillery that can be found nestled amongst the rolling landscape of the South Downs.

This distillery is known for the “New Age” gins that are produced by its youthful team, who are known to experiment with different botanicals to create new flavours that delight the taste buds.

Whenever we take a look at small and independent distilleries, we like to try to work out what sort of operation they are running and how much control they have over each aspect of the distillation process.

Lemon Meringue Pie Gin
Lemon Meringue Pie Gin

Tom, the founder of Corner 53 Sprits, built his distillery in the back garden of his parent’s house. His two hand-built copper pot stills operate with eight hour shifts, during which low temperatures are used to ensure the production of smooth spirits. If you like indulging in smooth gins, then we would highly recommend trying a few of their tipples.

Particularly noteworthy is the PH stable water that is present during the distillation process. Corner 53 Spirits use Hildon natural mineral water, a natural spring water that is known for its high mineral content.

Lemon Meringue Pie Gin

As we tasted the Corner 53 Spirits Lemon Meringue Gin, we quickly found that it really does resemble a tantalising deconstructed lemon meringue. This makes sense, especially when you consider the fact that the infused botanicals include lemon curd and toasted almonds.

We love it when dessert gins really resemble their paired desserts, and the gooey flavour palette behind this gin really is reminiscent of an old favourite. Luckily, this gin isn’t sickeningly sweet, as it has also been infused with traditional botanicals like juniper.

It is worth noting that the lemon curd this gin is infused with is homemade, and all of the ingredients that are present are natural. To further the flavour experience, the vapour during the distillation process is evaporated through both homemade sweet shortcrust pastry and meringue, really enabling this gin to hone in on those charming flavours.

Alternative Options

Naturally, this lemon meringue pie gin looks like it will really grip the world of gin. Corner 53 Spirits have been quick to refer to it as “the first in our experimental series of limited release gins, in which we try to really push the boundaries of distilling.” This is quite the thought, as it shows us that we can expect even more from this company in the future.

Right now, we would also highly recommend the Corner 53 Pomelo gin, Corner 53 Cherokee gin and Corner 53 Umami gin.

The Corner 53 Pomelo is packed full of the flavours of pink grapefruit and wormwood, giving the drinker a sharp citrus hit that is quickly followed by a delightful woody finish. The Corner 53 Cherokee is a maple and sarsaparilla gin, capturing the expression of a traditional bourbon whisky. The Corner 53 Umami gin has been made with the helping hands of successful chefs, blending botanicals that include butternut squash and shiitake mushroom.

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