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Gin Mare Summer Lavender Infusion


This Lavender Infusion provides a gentle, floral, invigorating serve which is the ideal drink for a warm summer’s day.

Gin Mare Summer Lavender Infusion

This drink brings to mind memories of flowing Lavender fields in the Yorkshire Dales, this is the ideal summer serve for those floral drink lovers. This crisp, refreshing serve works brilliantly thanks to the floral botanicals in the Gin Mare, it enhances the gentle floral tones and lavender infusion, this can be made with Lavender syrup or even with your own homemade Lavender.


  • 50ml Gin Mare
  • 10ml Lavender Syrup (or homemade Lavender tea infusion)
  • Lime wedge
  • Star anise
  • 200ml of Premium Tonic, ideally 1724 Tonic Water or Thomas Henry Elderflower


1. Fill a large glass (ideally a Copa Balloon Glass to let the aromas air) with ice and add 50ml Gin Mare
2. 10ml Lavender Syrup and stir
3. Add Lime wedge and Star anise to garnish, this can also be garnished with sprig of Lavender

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