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8 Budding British Gin Brands


Innovation in the world of gin is ever-growing, with a number of British gin brands, both old and new, growing exponentially thanks to their constant drive to create new and exciting products.

Gin is a relatively complex alcohol that works flawlessly on the combination of a flavourless spirit with any number of botanicals, and the botanicals that can be found growing wild on the British Isles can be used to produce a number of charming spirits. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at eight home-grown brands who have mastered the aromatics that are released by these regional botanicals.

1. Eden Mill

Eden Mill stands as the first single-site distillery and brewery in Scotland, and they make a variety of different spirits using a carefully considered combination of modern techniques and time-honoured traditions.

Their lovely range of hand-crafted gins contains a number of flavoured gins that have become firm favourites with their fans, including their Eden Mill: Love Gin Liqueur and their Eden Mill: Botanical Project’s Scottish Blueberry & Vanilla Gin, a spirit that perfectly encapsulates the flavours of home-baked goods.

Creativity and a strong desire to continuously innovate pave the way for daily life at Eden Mill, where a team of master distillers source botanicals from the area that surrounds them. Their St Andrews take on a classic London Dry is certain to delight, with its signature tart berry flavour, while their unique Oak Gin utilises a short period of barrel aging that leaves us with a sweet vanilla and oaky combination, without interfering with any of the gin’s natural botanicals.

2. Aber Falls

Nestled deep among the rolling fields of the Welsh valleys, Aber Falls are known for their ability to utilise the Welsh-inspired botanicals that surround them to create a range of complex and authentic flavours. Their hand-crafted gins are constantly growing in popularity, with a number of firm favourites making their way around the circuit.

We recently discovered that their Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin is the perfect addition to an Aber Falls Citrus Fizz, as it made its way onto our delicious list of gin summer cocktails. With a deep citrus taste and the gently backing of pine of juniper, this delightful spirit is a refreshing hit on a warm day.

3. Hendrick’s Gin

If you are a regular gin drinker, then you may have already heard about Hendrick’s Gin and their timeless traditional apothecary bottle. One of the most exciting things about the team behind Hendrick’s Gin is their dedication to their distillation process, a practice that takes place against the backdrop of the postcard-worthy Scottish coast and a mysterious volcanic island.

Here, a quadruple distillation process is used to bring us the finished spirit, including both a Bennett and Carter-Head still. The presence of both leaves us with a uniquely smooth and distinctive gin, infused with rose petals and cucumber.

4. The Lakes Distillery

Cumbrian water and natural botanicals welcome us to the Lake District, where The Lakes Distillery exists among an abundance of wild juniper and other local botanicals, including bilberries, heather and hawthorn.

All of the action here occurs in the copper-still heart of a renovated Victorian farmhouse distillery, where nine of these enchanting organic products are used to create their signature beautifully clear spirit, known for its complexity. This classic gin is a World Gin Awards winner, offering distinctive notes of juniper and the underlying aroma of citrus fruits.

5. Kirkjuvagr

Orkney is truly a wonderful place, generously steeped in Norse heritage and natural beauty. Every aspect of Kirkjuvagr reflects the boldness of the region’s storied seafarers, and even the symbol on their Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin is a type of ancient Viking compass.

When the minds behind this appetising spirit were creating their coveted recipe, they discovered a variety of Angelica that grows wild on the island. To this, they added a range of locally sourced botanicals, including Ramanas Rose and Bernet Rose. Their pleasurable mixture leaves us with a sweetness reminiscent of citrus and pine, with mouth-watering tones of sherbet.

6. Zymurgorium

A relative newcomer to the industry, Zymurgorium have been distilling spirits since 2015, having opened their first distillery in Manchester. They are quickly gaining pace in the field, and their Zymurgorium: Original Manchester Gin is known for its complex palette, with a honey base that is reminiscent of Manchester’s surrounding cultural fabric.

Their current range of Zymurgorium gins encapsulates a number of different flavours, many of which would be the perfect addition to a captivating cocktail.


BLOOM is a beloved gin brand, who have been producing spirits for more than two centuries, but their popularity boomed when internationally-revered expert Joanne Moore joined their ranks in 1996. This master distiller created BLOOM’s London Dry Gin, encapsulating botanicals that include chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo when she dreamt up this multiple-award-winning spirit.

We would highly recommend using BLOOM’s London Dry Gin in a Pina Colada Bloom in the summer or tasting it stirred over ice to really experience its delicate flavours.

8. Sipsmith

When we take a look at Sipsmith under a microscope, it is easy for us to see how this little-known boutique brand quickly entered the mainstream world. This is quite the success story; given that it took them less than a decade to do so.

Sipsmith is often credited with re-introducing the copper-pot still to London after the storied capital had been without one for centuries. Their traditional London Dry Gin is known for its complex and yet aromatic qualities, which perfectly complement a gin martini or a classic gin and tonic.

Buying British

With so many wonderful brands producing world-class and award-winning gins right on our doorstep, it’s difficult to not want to entertain them all. As gin grows in popularity, flavoured gins take over and gin cocktails can even be bought in cans, the world of gin is only going to continue to grow. We can’t wait to see what sort of innovation occurs over the coming years, and which new British brands will join the scene.

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