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Watermelon Crush Gin Cocktail 😍🍉🍹


Staying cool this summer is a must, and with temperatures already soaring throughout the UK how better to enjoy this warm weather than with a refreshing cold drink in hand.

Created in 4 simple steps our Watermelon Crush cocktail is the perfect way to cool down in the Summer heat!

Who doesn’t want to imagine sitting on a warm beach in the tropics when the weather is this delightful? We know we do. This tropical gin slushie might not be an island getaway, but it certainly feels like one.

  • 1. Blend 140 grams ice and fresh watermelon 🍉
  • 2. Add 35ml Malibu
  • 3. Add 35ml Aperol
  • 4. Add Mcqueen and the Violet Fog gin
  • ✨Shake and pour!✨

Whether you’re soaking up the sun at the beach or throwing a backyard bash, the Watermelon Crush is your ticket to summertime fun. Just blend it all up, pour over ice, toss in a watermelon slice for garnish, and voilà! Sip, savor, and let the good times roll with this tropical delight. Cheers to summer vibes! 🍹😎

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