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Cherry Negroni Cocktail Recipe

This Cherry Negroni is the perfect sipping serve for any Negroni lover! a tasty blend of Premium Gin mixed with sweet vermouth, Campari, and fresh cherries for a delicious combo. Perfect for special occasions, to impress friends or as a self indulgent serve at home.

Cherry Negroni Recipe

Total Time 6 minutes
This Cherry Negroni is a delicious twist on the classic Negroni Recipe. With Cherry Brandy and Amaretto this brings out a more fruity and sweet flavour profile. This straight forward serve is sure to impress at special events!


  • 1 Jigger For the perfect measure
  • 1 Mixing Glass or Jug
  • 1 Glass Tumbler
  • 1 Cocktail Strainer


  • 25 ml Premium Gin
  • 20 ml Cherry brandy
  • 20 ml Amaretto
  • 10 ml Campari
  • 10 ml Vermouth
  • Orange peel for garnish


  • Add ice to chill a mixing glass or jug
    Cherry Negroni Recipe
  • Add Gin, Brandy, Amaretto, Campari and Vermouth to chilled mixing glass
  • Stir until the mixing jug feels cold to touch
  • Strain in to tumbler


This delicious Negroni Cocktail is a simple yet tasty sipping serve. One of our favourite alternatives to the classic Negroni Recipe. 
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