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6 Gorgeous Fruity Summer Gins


The flavoured gin market is booming and with so many flavours to choose from it can be difficult to know which one to pick.

Some flavours are better suited at certain times of the year, so as we’re in the midst of Summer we’ve put together a list of 6 delicious fruity flavoured gins that are perfect for the occasion.

Summer is a time for chilling out and al fresco sipping, and these gins are the perfect accompaniment for doing just that!

1. Rock Rose Gin – Summer Edition

Rock Rose Gin - Summer Edition

Produced in Scotland at the Dunnet Bay Distillery, this gin has been created using botanicals growing in the distillery’s own gardens to offer a more seasonal taste to the Rock Rose Gin. Their aim was to create a citrus forward gin, but without using any actual citrus peels.

Over the course of one year the botanicals were planted, harvested and dried to create this lovely seasonal gin which is citrus led with gentle herbal notes. The botanicals include meadowsweet, elderflower, lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme and pineapple sage.

ABV: 41.5%

Recommended Serve: Rock Rose Gin – Summer Edition G&T


• 25ml Rock Rose Gin – Summer Edition
• 75ml Tonic
• Borage Flowers or Sprig of Thyme to Garnish


• Pour the Summer Edition into a glass and add ice
• Top with tonic
• Garnish with a pretty borage flower or a sprig of thyme

Rock Rose Gin – Summer Edition can be purchased by clicking here.

2. Wildcat Bramble Blackberry Gin

Wildcat Bramble Blackberry Gin

Inspired by the folk tale of the cursed bramble bush, Wildcat Bramble Gin is a fruity variation on the Wildcat Gin. The story is told that the devil himself landed on a bramble bush on the way to hell, and in his fit of rage after being pricked by its thorns he cursed the bush so that anyone who dares consume brambles after September 29 (when the devil was pricked) will be subjected to the curse.

The base gin contains 10 botanicals including juniper, liquorice root, coriander, angelica root and cat’s claw root. With delicious blackberry at its forefront this gin is perfect for making Bramble cocktails, but also works lovely in a G&T – when combined with tonic, the piney juniper and earthy herbs come into play, really opening up the flavour profile of this gin.

ABV: 37.5%

Recommended Serve: Wildcat Bramble & Tonic


• 50ml Wildcat Bramble
• Quality Tonic Water
• Blackberries and a Slice of Lemon to Garnish


• Fill a hi-ball tumbler with lots of ice
• Pour in Wildcat Bramble
• Top your glass with tonic water
• Garnish with some blackberries and a slice of lemon

Wildcat Bramble Blackberry Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

3. The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin

he Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin

Produced in the heart of the Lake District, by The Lakes Distillery, this gin is created using the Classic Lakes Gin at its base with the addition of zesty pink grapefruit. It is gently distilled in a traditional copper pot still and is made with the purest water from the Lake District National Park.
It is packed with zesty pink grapefruit over notes of crisp juniper, with a refreshing citrus finish.

ABV: 46%

Recommended Serve: Lakes Pink Grapefruit G&T

The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin is recommended simply served over ice with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water – no garnish is required.

The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

4. Tarquin’s Cornish Sunshine Blood Orange Gin

Tarquin’s Cornish Sunshine Blood Orange Gin

This gin has been created to work perfectly served as a spritz, but also works just as well with tonic. Made at the Southwestern Distillery in North Cornwall, this gorgeous fruit-flavoured gin is infused with a combination of blood orange, pink grapefruit, rhubarb, raspberry and gentian root giving it a distinct bitterness amongst the fruit flavours.

It’s a vibrant gin, full of fruity goodness with sweet orange and berries, balanced out with gentle bittersweet herbal notes.

ABV: 38%

Recommended Serve: Cornish Sunshine Spritz


• 50 ml Tarquin’s Blood Orange Gin
• 100 ml Sparkling Wine
• 50 ml Sparkling Elderflower Presse
• Large Citrus Wheel to Garnish


• Fill a wine glass with lots of ice
• Add Tarquin’s Blood Orange Gin and sparkling wine – lightly stir
• Top with sparkling elderflower presse
• Garnish with a large citrus wheel

Tarquin’s Cornish Sunshine Blood Orange Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

5. Malfy Con Arancia Gin

Malfy Con Arancia Gin

Malfy offer a range of super-premium gins showcasing delicious citrus flavours, including this beauty which is made from the highest quality Sicilian blood oranges.

Its colour is a vibrant orange, and along with the citrus it brings plenty of sweet and juicy notes making it a perfectly refreshing serve for those hot summer days. In the background there are hints of vanilla and on the finish a delicate note of juniper is present.

This gin can be enjoyed in a G&T with plenty of fresh fruit, however it also works very well in a Negroni with a bold orange flavour profile.

ABV: 41%

Recommended Serve: Malfy Con Arancia Negroni


• 30 ml Malfy Con Arancia Gin
• 30 ml Campari
• 30 ml Sweet Vermouth
• Orange Peel to Garnish


• Fill a mixing glass with ice and add all the ingredients – stir well until chilled
• Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass
• Garnish with an orange peel

Malfy Con Arancia Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

6. Warner’s & Joules Apple & Pear Gin

Warner's & Joules Apple & Pear G&T

In celebration of their 30th anniversary last year, lifestyle brand Joules collaborated with Warner’s to create this special gin which is inspired by the British countryside. It’s full of fresh elderflower with 1/3 pure apple and pear juice.

The gin is presented in a beautiful bottle decorated with Joules’ original Cambridge floral print as a reminder of their heritage.

On the nose there are pear and fresh elderflower notes accompanied by hints of black pepper. Cardamom spice comes through on the palate along with peppery juniper. The finish is sweet with notes of fresh orchard fruits.

ABV: 40%

Recommended Serve: Warner’s & Joules Apple & Pear G&T


• 40 ml Warner’s & Joules Apple & Pear Gin
• 120 ml Tonic Water
• 2 Fresh Blackberries or 1 Slice Fresh Apple to Garnish


• Fill a glass with plenty of ice
• Pour in the gin
• Top your glass with tonic water
• Garnish with a choice blackberries or apple

Warner’s & Joules Apple & Pear Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

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