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Top 5 Gins for a Spooktacular Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner, and as it’s one of our favourite times of the year we’ve decided to celebrate the holiday with a selection of 5 gins that are perfectly suited for the occasion.

Whether you’re looking to host your own Halloween party this year (be it a small gathering) or just planning a quiet evening in with a scary movie, these delicious tipples would be an ideal accompaniment for a Spooktacular evening!

Halloween is a time for fun, and this year especially we could all do with a little more of that – am I right! So, once the pumpkins have been carved into ghoulish faces, the spooky decorations have gone up – transforming your home into a horror movie set, you’ve changed into your Halloween costumes and the candy is prepared for the evening, the only thing left to do is the drinks!

We’ve selected 5 delicious gins that would be perfect for the occasion, whether served simply with tonic or mixed into a Halloween themed cocktail. Scroll down to see which one you’d like to TREAT yourself with this Halloween!

5. Zealot’s Heart Handmade Gin

Zealots Heart Gin
Photo: Zealots Heart

From Scottish distillers Brewdog Distilling Co., this small batch gin, with juniper at its heart, is bursting with flavour from carefully selected botanicals. The gin is produced in a triple-bubble still, creating an uncompromising character and flavour.

It offers prominent notes of sweet spice and juniper, accompanied by an earthy undertone with hints of citrus. The botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica root, thai lemongrass, grapefruit peel, lavender flower, all spice, goji berries, meadowsweet, szechuan peppercorn, grains of paradise and more.

ABV: 44%

Serving Suggestion for Halloween: JACK O’LANTERN


• 10 ml Aperol
• 10 ml Lemon Juice
• 20 ml Orange Juice
• 25 ml Zealot’s Heart Gin
• Prosecco
• Orange Zest to Garnish


Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, top with a dash of prosecco and garnish with orange zest.

Zealot’s Heart Handmade Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

4. Death’s Door Gin

Deaths Door Gin

Hailing from the U.S., this robust gin offers a wonderful London Dry flavour, and is made with just three botanicals – juniper berries, coriander and fennel. The flavourful base spirit is distilled from Washington Island hard red winter wheat and malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin.

Although a simple expression, the producers of this award-winning gin have managed to create a truly outstanding, complex gin with a full-bodied flavour profile. It can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or as a dry martini.

ABV: 47%

Serving Suggestion for Halloween: CORPSE REVIVER


• 20 ml Death’s Door Gin
• 20 ml Lillet Blonde
• 20 ml Cointreau
• 20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
• Absinthe
• Lemon Ribbon to Garnish


Add all ingredients, except the absinthe, to an ice filled shaker. Shake well. Strain into a chilled coupe glass rinsed with absinthe. Garnish with a lemon ribbon.

Death’s Door Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

3. Poetic License Fireside Spiced Gin

Poetic Licence Fireside Gin

Sunderland based distillers, Poetic License, are the award-winning producers of this fabulous warming treat infused with delicious mulled spices and winter fruits. Offering familiar gin notes from juniper, coriander and orris root, with additional sweetness from dried winter fruits, and a warm spice from cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Enjoy by the glowing amber warmth of the fireplace – this gin is sure to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold Autumn evening!

ABV: 40.1%

Serving Suggestion for Halloween: FIRESIDE WINTER PUNCH


• 50 ml Poetic License Fireside Spiced Gin
• Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
• Mulling Spices
• Lime
• Orange Wheel to Garnish


Mull the ginger ale – empty the ginger ale into a pan, add the mulling spices and warm gently for at least 10-15 minutes, taking care not to let it boil. Taste it to make sure the spices have infused into the liquid.

Pour the Fireside Spiced Gin into a glass teacup or mug, top up with ginger ale, add a squeeze of lime, then garnish with an orange wheel and some leftover mulling spice.

Poetic License Fireside Spiced Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

2. Solway Spirits Apple Caramel Gin

Solway Spirits Apple Caramel Gin

Caramel apples, or Toffee apples, are the perfect treat for any Autumnal celebration, and this delightful offering from Solway Spirits encapsulates these two flavours perfectly.

Produced at their small batch craft distillery in South West Scotland, this gin is infused with juicy apples, sweet caramel, and a hint of cinnamon – creating a wonderfully smooth and delicious gin. It can be enjoyed neat, with a premium tonic or ginger ale and a slice of apple.

ABV: 40%

Serving Suggestion for Halloween: CARAMEL APPLE DELIGHT



• 60 ml Solway Spirits Apple Caramel Gin
• 90 ml Cloudy Apple Juice
• Apple Slice to Garnish

Cinnamon-Sugar Rim

• Caramel Syrup
• Granulated Sugar
• Ground Cinnamon


To rim the cocktail glass – first combine the sugar and cinnamon in one shallow dish and spread the caramel syrup out onto another shallow dish.

Start by dipping the rim of the glass in the dish of caramel syrup, followed by the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

Set the glass aside.

Add the gin and apple juice to an ice filled cocktail shaker – shake well, pour over ice and garnish with a slice of apple.

Solway Spirits Apple Caramel Gin can be purchased by clicking here

1. Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

Hendricks Lunar Gin

Our final choice of gin, perfect for sipping this Halloween, is yet another offering from Scotland, and it’s a truly delightful gin created by Hendrick’s.

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is a moon-inspired gin with distinctly floral flavours and notes of delicate spice. Refreshing with a subtle warmth – a perfect gin to enjoy on All Hallows’ Eve under the moonlight!

ABV: 43.4%

Serving Suggestion for Halloween: MOONLIGHT BUCK


• 50 ml Hendrick’s Lunar Gin
• 150 ml Premium Ginger Ale
• Cucumber Slices and Lemon Peel to Garnish


Fill a highball glass with fresh ice cubes, add the gin followed by the ginger ale. Garnish with 3 cucumber slices and a twist of fresh lemon peel.

Hendricks Lunar Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

For more information on Hendricks Lunar Gin, read our full review by clicking here.

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