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10 of The Best British Craft Gins


As World Gin Day is nearly upon us, we’ve decided to celebrate this wonderful occasion with a superb selection of British craft gins.

Here in Great Britain we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to high-quality craft gins, and with gin export sales reaching a record high of £672 million in 2019 it appears that we’re not the only nation that appreciates a good gin.

In celebration of our national gin heritage, we take a look at our 10 top picks of British craft gins to try.

1. Misty Isle Pink Gin

Misty Isle Pink Gin

Produced on the Isle of Skye by Isle of Skye Distillers, Misty Isle Pink Gin is a blushing Old Tom gin infused with fruits grown and nurtured by the founder’s mother. It is infused with pear, blackcurrants, meadowsweet and raspberries – all of which have been harvested from the distillery garden.

Misty Isle Pink Gin offers a pleasantly sweet flavour profile with bursts of fresh summer fruits coming through.

The stylish bottle design represents the mountainous landscape synonymous with the Isle of Skye, with the cutaway neck shaped like the cone-shaped hills of Fairy Glen.

Serving recommendation: Serve with a premium tonic, ice and a few raspberries.

ABV: 41.5%

Misty Isle Pink Gin can be purchased by clicking here.
Misty Isle Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

2. BH1 Gin

BH1 Gin

Created by two bartenders, Przemek Seczkowski and Lewis Spendlove, BH1 Gin is a premium small batch gin produced in the seaside resort of Bournemouth – with the name coming from the postcode where the recipe was born.

It is crafted using a unique combination of 13 botanicals including juniper, orange, pink grapefruit, angelica, coriander, clove, cinnamon, star anise, almond, nigella seed and green cardamom. The most unique and rare botanical in BH1 Gin is wild chamomile, which is hand foraged from the Bournemouth Coastline.

BH1 Gins

BH1 Gin is juniper forward with sharp citrus notes, nicely balanced with floral cardamom and chamomile. On the finish there is a sweetness of orange and almond with a touch of spice.

BH1 also offer a Wild Strawberry flavoured gin, with beautifully balanced fruity strawberry tones which is simply added to their BH1 Original gin. With no added sugar or preservatives, making this a true joy to drink, ideal for those long summer evenings.

BH1 Original serving recommendation: Serve over ice with a premium tonic, a slice of orange and a fresh sprig of thyme.

BH1 Wild Strawberry serving recommendation: Serve over ice with premium tonic, with added sliced fresh strawberry and lime wedge for garnish.

ABV: 40%

BH1 Original can be purchased by clicking here.
BH1 Wild Strawberry can be purchased by clicking here.

3. Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin

Hailing from Caithness, Scotland, Rock Rose gin contains bags of flavours, from well-balanced floral tones, to zesty flavours, strong juniper backbone and smooth finish, this gin is truly one of a kind.

Containing a gorgeous selection of unique, locally grown botanicals including Verbana, Rhodiola Rose, Rowan Berries, Sea Buckthorn and Blaeberries. This gin also includes two types of Juniper, each from a different country being Bulgaria and Italy.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with premium tonic and orange curl for garnish. For added flavour try adding a sprig of rosemary.

ABV: 41.5%

Rock Rose gin can be purchased by clicking here.

4. Boodles Rhubarb & Strawberry Gin


Stemming from their fabulous original Boodles London Dry Gin, Boodles Rhubarb & Strawberry Gin utilises their original gin as its base with infused flavours of fresh British rhubarb and zesty strawberries.

Packed full of fresh pink flavours, this gin works perfectly in a Gin & Tonic, Gimlet or with added prosecco. The flavour opens with gorgeous berry tones followed through to citrussy and juniper led tones with a tangy rhubarb finish.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with premium tonic and fresh strawberries to garnish. Alternatively in a champagne flute topped with prosecco and half strawberry to garnish.

ABV: 35%

Boodles Rhubarb & Strawberry gin can be purchased by clicking here.
Boodles Original Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

5. Shetland Reel Original Gin

Shetland Reel Gin

Hailing from Unst in the Shetland Islands, this multi-award-winning gin features 8 key, locally grown botanicals including orange peel, lemon peel, coriander and applemint, cassia bark and orris root.

The beautiful combination of botanicals along with a highly refined distilling process make for a gorgeous light and refreshing gin. Due to its sweet, citrussy, herbaceous tones and well-balanced juniper, Shetland Reel gin also works beautifully in cocktails.

Shetland Gin also comes in a variety of other flavours including Ocean Sent Gin, Reel Simmer Gin, and Cask Aged Gin.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic, garnish with grapefruit wedge and lavender sprig.

Note: This gin really allows its full flavours to shine when tasted when neat.

Shetland Reel can be purchased by clicking here.

6. Wessex Saxon Garden Gin

Wessex Saxon Garden Gin

Recently launched by Wessex Distillery, the award-winning family run distillery based in Surrey, this floral based gin is distilled with delicate rose petals, hibiscus and refreshing lavender. It has subtle floral notes combined with the traditional London dry botanicals giving the gin a depth of flavour with notes of fresh citrus on the finish.

Saxon Garden Gin is a wonderfully smooth gin that it just perfect for the warmer months of Spring and Summer.

Serving recommendation: Serve generously over ice with Fever-Tree Light tonic, garnish with a twist of lemon.

ABV: 40.3%

Wessex Saxon Garden Gin can be purchased with a FREE bottle of hand sanitiser by clicking here.

7. Forest Gin

Forest Gin

Forrst Gin is an award-winning, organic inspired gin created by Lindsay and Karl Bond. We believe this to be a true small batch gin creation, each batch containing a maximum of 85 bottles.

Created in Cheshire using local fresh spring water from the Peak District in their copper stills, Forest gin contains ingredients such as organic juniper, organic coriander seeds, vanilla pods, liquorice root, wild bilberries, raspberries and blackberries.

This fragrant and earthy gin is a truly unique creation, containing a range of almost melodic flavoured tasting notes ranging from fresh berries to earthy undertones and fruity notes to zingy cinnamon and piney juniper.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with Fever-Tree Light Premium Tonic, garnish with sprig of rosemary and grapefruit peel.

ABV: 42%

Forest Gin can be purchased by clicking here

8. Salcombe Rosé Sainte Marié Gin

Salcome Rosé Gin

This gorgeous handcrafted gin hails from Salcombe, Devon, inspired by the scents and aromas of the South of France. It’s named after the Sainte Marie Lighthouse which was built to mark the old harbour of Marseille, this harbour would see Salcombe Fruit Schooners loaded with citrus fruits and herbs bound for the UK.

Along with the well-structured historic references, this gin is a true delight to drink, inspired by a dry Rosé, this gin has a beautiful floral flavour. It’s distilled and crafted in Salcombe, Devon in a bespoke 450litre copper pot still.

Containing a range of fragrant notes including rose petals, lavender and orange blossom, this gin has a well-balanced profile combined with a long smooth finish.

Serving recommendation: Serve with premium-light tonic over ice, garnish with pink peppercorns, strawberries and lemon curl.

Salcome Rosé Sainte Marie Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

9. Cotswolds WildFlower Gin

Cotswold Wildflower

Stemming from their beautiful award-winning Cotswold Dry Gin, the all new Wildflower gin takes a range of unique, local botanicals and infuses them with their gorgeous Cotswold Dry Gin. Inspired by the grasslands of the Cotswolds, this gin reminisces and captures the essence of beautiful British summer meadows.

Wildflower gin adds a flavourful array of botanicals including cornflowers, lavender and orange creating a fresh florally fruity taste sensation. From the crimson red appearance, this gin has a lovely light, fruity aroma with piney juniper notes, on the pallet this gin has range of zesty orange and floral notes and a sweet spicy finish.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with Fever-Tree Premium Indian tonic, garnish with slice of orange. This gin would work well in a Negroni also.

ABV: 41.7%

Cotswold Wildflower Gin can be purchased by clicking here.

10: The Lakes Classic English Gin

The Lakes Distillery Gin

Presented in their gorgeous new bottle, The Lakes Classic English Gin is made in the heart of the Lake District in Cumbria and uses 15 ingredients, of which 5 are native to the Lake District such as bilberry, heather and meadowstreet. Additional botanicals include zesty orange peel, earl grey tea and cracked black pepper.

This gin contains an array of complex botanicals but has these all beautifully balanced. Opening with fresh floral tones, followed with the earthy vibrant juniper, citrus undertones and balanced peppery finish.

Serving recommendation: Serve over ice with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and wedge of grapefruit to garnish.

ABV: 46%

The Lakes Classic English gin can be purchased by clicking here.

For more details on their stunning new bottle design, click here.

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