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Sir Edmond Gin Explores New Horizons In Portugal


As a lover of adventure, you know we are always looking for new places to spread our wings. We are proud to announce we are continuing our journey across Europe with a new partnership: Solbel. Solbel is an importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits, and they will be bringing us to shelves and cocktail spots across Portugal this spring.

Solbel’s story began in 1986 in Lisbon, the capital city of the Mediterranean peninsula of Portugal, as a family-run business. Since then, they have grown into a team of over 45 employees, with a modern office and warehouse, constantly adapting and growing with their consumers. Marketing Director of Solbel:

”Such great news! This Bourbon vanilla infused gin is like a lovely bird that everyone wants to hold and at Solbel we welcome this bird with great enthusiasm and we hope to see him grow healthy and bring joy to the Portuguese people! We will embrace Sir Edmond Gin and proudly take it to the next level in a close and exclusive partnership for the beautiful Portuguese market.”

Sir Edmond Gin

Solbel’s portfolio reflects the dynamic world of beverages and puts customer benefits first, adding a more personal touch to beverage distribution. We love a personal touch, which is why this partnership is especially inspiring to us. It will allow us to share our Bourbon vanilla infused gin with cocktail professionals and lovers throughout Portugal, opening up a new world of possibilities.

To quote T-J van der Drift, co-owner of Sir Edmond Gin:

”This year we already had a flying start with new collaborations in Denmark, France, Poland and Hungary. We are extremely excited and thankful to work with new distribution partner Solbel to have availability in Portugal as well. We can’t wait to see our Bourbon vanilla infused gin shine in all bars and restaurants in Portugal and we are ready to continue our amazing gin journey.”

You can find us sipping G&Ts on a sunny Portuguese beach this summer, saùde to that!

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