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Sir Edmond Gin Causes a Sensation With Remarkable Gin Truck


AMSTERDAM, April 16 | It’s impossible to ignore the daring gin truck that steals the show on European highways as of today. The 18 meter long vehicle is an important new asset to accelerate Sir Edmond Gin’s international expansion. Just keep your eyes on the road…

It’s a big day for Sir Edmond Gin’s co-founder Dominique Makatita and co-owner T-J van der Drift.

“With our own gin truck, we not only increase our visibility in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, but we can also serve our domestic and foreign distributors even better and faster. It is a challenging period for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, but fortunately also a period in which many beautiful and creative initiatives arise. This rebellious eye-catcher is a great example.”

The sensational truck is the perfect and logical next step for the Sir Edmond Gin team. By continuing to innovate and invest during economically challenging times, we experienced an international growth spurt. The extra efforts have resulted in our Bourbon vanilla infused gin now being available in many European countries, such as popular gin countries England, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. In addition, we set foot far outside Europe, introducing Sir Edmond Gin also in Singapore and the Caribbean.

Sir Edmond Gin’s gintruck on the Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Worldwide transport
This week the remarkable Sir Edmond Gin truck hits the road for the first time. It will serve multiple purposes: taking care of the pallet transport of bottles to our European importers, supplying importers outside Europe via the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and transporting bars, glassware, beach beds and other items with the well-known flamingo logo, which also adorns the side of the truck.

Spot the truck and win
The Sir Edmond Gin truck is always on the road. To all the car spotters and fellow flamingo’s on the passenger seat or in the back seat looking out the window, keep your eyes open and your camera ready: a flamingo could pass by. Your photograph of the sensational truck could be rewarded with a bottle of Sir Edmond Gin. How to win? Spot the truck and take a picture, post the picture on your Instagram story and tag @siredmondgin in the picture. A winning photo will be chosen every month for the next three months. Driver seat passengers: we know it’s hard, but try to keep your eyes on the road…

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