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Eden Mill – Love Gin Liqueur Review


Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueur stems from their original Love Gin, this Gin Liqueur has a sweet and creamy taste and beautiful vanilla meringue aroma. Their limited edition Valentines Gin also comes in a clear bottle to show off its amazing colour.

ABV: 20%
Price: £24.95
Recommended Garnish: Raspberries
Notable Botanicals: Juniper, elderberry, goji berry, hibiscus, marshmallow, raspberry leaf, rhubarb, rose
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Eden Mill Love Gin Liqueur Overview

Love Gin Liqueur Gin is their limited edition Liqueur developed specifically for Valentines day, although is still freely available to this day, most likely due to its strong demand and popularity.

Eden Mill were the first single-site distillery and brewery, making gin, whisky and beer built near St.Andrews, Scotland. Created at their distillery, this Gin Liqueur is bottled at 20% ABV and distilled using a combination of botanicals including juniper berries, elderberry, goji berry, hibiscus, marshmallow, raspberry leaf, rhubarb, rose which creates a beautifully soft and delicious liqueur.

Tanqueray No.10 Gin Tasting Notes

Vanilla, marshmallow, sweet, raspberry
Sweet, hints of vanilla, meringue and creamy undertones
Raspberry and soft floral undertones

Eden Mill Love Gin

Serving Recommendation

This Gin Liqueur can be served neat over ice, or served in a standard Gin & Tonic with a premium Indian Tonic over ice with raspberries but it works brilliantly in a cocktail.

  • 25-50ml Eden Mill Gin Liqueur
  • 25-50ml Premium Tonic
  • 4 Raspberries
  • Serve over ice


This Gin Liqueur is a delight to drink, the soft and creamy taste brings back almost nostalgic memories of a raspberry split or raspberry ice cream float. Highly recommended for lovers of more floral gins, it can also be mixed with a Premium Gin such as Tanqueray No.10 to give it more of a juniper based kick whilst keeping its vanilla, creamy tones.

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