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The Best Gins to Drink this Summer 2019


Anyone with an interest in gin and gin liqueurs will know that new gins are being released on a monthly basis, leading to new favourites being found and old favourites standing as beloved treasures in our cupboards.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at some of the best gins you can drink this summer, combining new treats and old pearls.

Naturally, the best gin is something that comes down to personal preference. We would happily recommend that you try as many of these gins as possible, as only you can decide which is the best gin for you.

Our Favourite Summer Gins:

1. Poetic License Strawberries & Cream Gin

One of our favourite summer gins would have to be the strawberries and cream delight that has been brought to us by Poetic License. What could be more quintessentially British during the summer than strawberries and cream?

Amazon Price: £32.75

Insider’s Tip:

Try this gin over ice as the perfect accompaniment to dessert, or mix it with Fever-Tree’s Elderflower Tonic Water for a truly refreshing experience.

2. BLOOM London Dry Gin

BLOOM’s London Dry Gin is one of our all-time favourites, with floral notes and a delicate flavour palette. This citrus-infused delight was crafted by one of the finest gin masters in the world, and you certainly can tell that it was crafted with love and care.

Amazon Price: £20.00


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3. Silent Pool Gin

Silent Pool Gin is a gin that was only recently introduced to us here at Gin & Tonicly, but it has left us captivated. Even the colour of the bottle is enough to capture our attention, and the gentle flavours of lavender, honey and chamomile are enough to give anyone the sweetest of dreams.

Amazon Price: £33.89


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4. Beefeater London Dry

What list of gins would be complete without a classic gin? Beefeater is that gin in this list. The distillation process for Beefeater’s London Dry has remained the same over the last few decades, utilising a copper pot still in the brewery in Kensington.

Amazon Price: £22.96

Insider’s Tip:

If you are thinking of making a classic gin cocktail, then we would recommend leaning for a Sipsmith London Dry Gin. Beefeater’s London Dry is best enjoyed in a traditional gin and tonic.


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5. Ki No Bi

We’re always on the lookout for foreign gins that really captivate our taste buds, and Ki No Bi is currently one of our favourites. This Japanese delicacy includes a number of botanicals that are native to East Asia, from yuzu to hinoki. If you should find yourself growing weary of familiar botanicals, then the distinctive notes of this gin should be enough to reignite your passion.

Amazon Price: £49.14

Insider’s Tip:

If you would rather try a Japanese gin from renowned brand Suntory, then we would highly recommend that you try Roku. The botanicals in this gin include sakura flowers (cherry blossoms) and yuzu peel, creating a complex spirit that is both aromatic and crisp.


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6. Hendrick’s Gin

If you already drink gin quite regularly, then you will probably have already tried Hendrick’s Gin. This gin has been sat in our cupboards for years, and each bottle is produced using a small batch method. This gin is both smooth and delicate, and it works well in a classic cocktail when complemented by a garnish of cool cucumber.

Amazon Price: £29.00

Hendricks Gin
Hendricks Gin

7. Monkey 47

The appropriately named Monkey 47 gin consists of 47 different botanicals. These include everything from elderflower and honeysuckle to angelica root and acacia flowers, creating a complex flavour palette that really gives you a feel for the Black Forest region from which this gin comes.

Amazon Price: £35.89

Insider’s Tip:

We would highly recommend trying this prestigious gin in a classic gin cocktail, or even to complement a summer gin cocktail recipe.

Monkey 47
Monkey 47

8. Hayman’s London Dry Gin

If we take a look at the world of gin as a whole, we can see that there are a few prestigious companies who have been distilling gin for more than a century. Hayman’s London Dry Gin is made using the same recipe that has been used for a century and a half, leaving it with an incredibly complex character.

Amazon Price: £29.28


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Gin Cocktails and the Summer

With so many different gins and different gin botanicals to choose from, you might be wondering how you will ever get through all of them. We would highly recommend taking a look at our summer cocktail recipes here and classic cocktail recipes here for inspiration. If you know that you prefer to drink flavoured gins, then you could also take a look at some of our favourites.

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