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Marks & Spencer is Selling Mini Gin Bottles to Hang on Your Christmas Tree


In the run up to Christmas, we can always count on Marks & Spencer to tempt us with new and exciting seasonal specials when it comes to food.

Now Marks & Spencer are also proving to be a big hit in the festive drinks department – especially with the recent launch of their Snow Globe Gin Liqueur baubles!

For Christmas this year, M&S released light-up Snow Globe Gin Liqueurs, in flavours of clementine and brand-new rhubarb, complete with edible flecks of 23 carat gold leaf. As expected, these went down a storm and many shelves have been left empty due to the high demand for this delightful festive tipple.

Marks & Spencer is Selling Mini Gin Bottles to Hang on Your Christmas Tree

Now, M&S have released a shrunk down version of the Snow Globe Gin Liqueurs in the form of Christmas tree baubles, which come in the flavour of clementine.

The gin baubles are being sold in packs of 3 and are filled with clementine flavoured gin and glittering edible 23 carat gold leaf. They each feature a cork stopper and a gold cord – so they can be hung safely on your Christmas tree. They may not have a light up feature, as with the larger bottles, but when used for decorating a tree the flecks of gold leaf will sparkle beautifully in the tree’s lights for that extra special touch.

After announcing the release on their Instagram account last week, the post has been inundated with likes and many followers of the retailer asking where they can get a hold of them.

It looks like they won’t be around for too long, so if you’re hoping to get them in time for decorating your tree, or maybe as a gift for a loved one, make sure to get them while you can!

Marks & Spencer’s Snow Globe Gin Liqueur Baubles are priced at £12 for a pack of three and are available to buy now at M&S stores and online at Ocado.

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