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Three Spirit Drinks Review


Three Spirit Drinks are breaking the mould in the no and low alcohol market. Unlike any other products currently available, their range of plant-based alternatives celebrates what you put into a drink, rather than what you take out.

The no/low alcohol market is continuing to grow, with a moderation trend that’s showing an increased demand from consumers for reduced alcohol, or alcohol-free drinks. By 2024, consumption is expected to grow by 31%, according to the IWSR.

Three Spirit’s core range of drinks includes the Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap – and we were very fortunate to be gifted with all three for a taste test and review.

Their non-alcoholic range has been created by a mixture of world-class bartenders, plant scientists, hedonists, herbalists and artists. Three Spirit are proudly creating happy and healthy ways to socialise that don’t depend on alcohol – with the focus instead being on shared ideas, experiences and encounters. Furthermore, as a company they are committed to prioritising environmentally friendly methods across their work, ranging from zero-plastic recyclable packaging to 100% vegan and cruelty-free drinks.

Livener Review

Three Spirits Non Alcoholic Gin

Price: £24.99
Recommended Garnish: Grapefruit slice
Notable Botanicals: Guayusa, guava leaf, hibiscus, watermelon, schisandra berries, cayenne chilli

The Livener is an exotic and invigorating elixir, packed full of vibrant plant-based ingredients that will provide a stimulating effect with euphoric feels.

As the name suggests, it’s a drink that will give you a burst of energy – making it ideal as the “perfect party pick-me-up”. It is made with a combination of guayusa, guava leaf, green tea, rosewater, hibiscus, watermelon and other vibrant ingredients including schisandra berries, ginseng and cayenne chilli.

Health benefits inside the Livener

Schisandra berries are a rare species of berry, native to Siberia, providing energy and balance to the body and mind. Guayusa is a type of holly tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest, it’s naturally caffeinated and provides a clean, delicious flavour. Watermelon is a superfood. It’s juicy and refreshing, packed full of antioxidants – helping to mediate the effects of overindulgence.

Three Spirit Livener Tasting Notes

Dark red fruit, pomegranate, aromatic spice, fresh watermelon
Red berries, warm chilli spice, herbal notes, hint of ginger, well-rounded sweetness
Cayenne chilli, sweet fruity notes

Livener Serving Recommendation

The Livener can be enjoyed simply with tonic, we tried it with a few but would recommend Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic, this allowed more flavour to stem through the drink. To create a ‘Livener and Tonic’ just add 50ml of Livener to an ice-filled highball glass, top with a premium tonic water and garnish with a fresh slice of grapefruit.

Watermelon Crush Livener Mocktail Recipe

Gin & Tonicly Watermelon Crush Mocktail

We’ve created a summertime Watermelon Crush Mocktail, this is an ideal serve for a warm summer’s day. We utlised the watermelon hints in the Livener to help make this great tasting mocktail, a perfect non-alcoholic summer drink alternative.

– 80g Fresh Watermelon
– 50ml Livener
– 70ml Guava Juice (we simply used Rubicon Guava Juice)
– 6 Ice Cubes
– Watermelon wedge for garnish (optional)

Using a blender, add the watermelon, ice cubes and guava juice – blend until smooth. Next, pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker, then add the Livener and shake for 30 seconds. Pour into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a watermelon wedge.

Livener Verdict

We found the Livener to be very enjoyable, both served on the rocks or when mixed with tonic water. Its versatility makes it a fantastic base for non-alcoholic cocktails. When added to other ingredients the flavours really begin to open up, allowing its unique character to shine through. If you’re looking for something to help create a buzz, we recommend giving this one a try.

Social Elixir Review

Three Spirits Social Elixir

Price: £24.99
Recommended Garnish: Lime wheel
Notable Botanicals: Lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, cacao, damiana, passionflower

The Social Elixir is described by Three Spirit as “The Mood Booster”. It contains plant-based ingredients sourced from around the globe, creating a full-bodied drink with powerful flavours. The elixir is made with the likes of lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, cacao, damiana, green tea, passionflower and tulsi. Combined, they create a drink which is herbal with a bittersweet edge.

Social Elixir is perfect for sipping, its “balancing effect” will keep you “blissful and tuned-in” throughout the evening.

Health benefits inside the Social Elixir

Cacao is known as a heart openener – acting as a mild stimulant, it will raise spirits and ease the soul, whilst keeping you balanced and tuned-in. Lion’s Mane has been used for centuries, for improving cognitive function. It has a delicate taste and keeps your mind focused. Damiana is an ancient aphrodisiac from a native Mexican shrub. With its unique and delicious aromatic flavour, it is used to access the subconscious mind and induce lucid dreams.

Social Elixir Tasting Notes

Chocolate, sweet touch of molasses, deep earthy notes, green tea
Herbaceous character, earthy mushroom, bitter coffee notes, liquorice, sweet florals
Slightly bitter, gentle sweet and herbal notes

Social Elixir Serving Recommendation

Three Spirits Social Elixir

The Social Elixir works very well when served with ginger ale. To create a ‘Light & Stormy’ cocktail simply add 50ml of Social Elixir to an ice-filled highball glass, top with ginger ale/beer and garnish with a fresh lime wheel.

Three Spirit also recommend trying it with lemon juice, lemonade and a garnish of fresh fruits to create a ‘Social Summer Cup’ – a plant-based take on a Pimms cocktail!

Social Elixir Verdict

The Social Elixir is a truly unique and interesting drink in our opinion. On pouring, the appearance of the drink is quite cloudy with a lovely deep colour. We enjoyed its vibrant flavour and the effects are quite noticeable. It provides a nice energy boost with a relaxing feel – making it ideal as a drink to enjoy with others.

Nightcap Review

Three Spirits Nightcap

Price: £24.99
Recommended Garnish: Lemon slice
Notable Botanicals: Lemon balm, turmeric root, valerian root, white willow bark, ashwagandha, vanilla

The botanicals within the Nightcap include lemon balm, turmeric root, valerian root, Hüll Melon hops, white willow bark, liquorice root, vanilla, ginger and ashwagandha (an ancient medicinal herb found in India, Africa and parts of the Middle East).

The Nightcap is a soothing elixir to be enjoyed at the end of the evening. Designed as a slow-sipper it will provide a dreamy, mellow feeling – helping to calm the mind and soothe the body.

Health benefits inside the Nightcap

Valerian is a powerful plant with soothing properties, helping to bring a sense of peacefulness. Hüll Melon hops are known for their antioxidant and mood-making functions. They offer a mellowing effect and provide a fresh, fruity flavour. Lemon balm is wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating. It will help the mind replenish and aids a sound sleep.

Nightcap Tasting Notes

Gentle woody notes, maple syrup, hint of ginger, clean aroma
Herbal, smooth vanilla, lemon, ginger spice, toasted nuts
Aromatic spice, gentle sweet and citrus notes

Nightcap Serving Recommendation

Three Spirits Nightcap

The Nightcap is best served on the rocks, as recommended by Three Spirit. Simply pour 50ml of Nightcap into your glass (with or without ice) and garnish with a fresh lemon slice.

Other suggested serves include a ‘Nightcap Old Fashioned’ served with ice, Angostura bitters, an orange slice and a maraschino cherry, or a ‘Zen Penicillin’ served with lemon, ginger syrup and smoky ginger honey.

Nightcap Verdict

The Nightcap has a lovely rich flavour to it, which we found to be quite delicious. Almost similar in colour to a whisky, with a yellow tinge, it is perfect for sipping gently as the evening comes to an end and we believe to be a fantastic alcohol free alternative. When served on the rocks, you can really taste all the layers of flavour within the drink. It has a herbal forward palate, which we found to be very pleasant, and we would definitely recommend it as a winding down drink before bedtime.

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