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Engine Gin Review


Engine Gin is a hand-crafted London dry gin produced in the Alta Langa region, in north-western Italy. Inspired by motorsports, this Italian gin is a creation of fashion and spirits entrepreneur Paolo Dalla Mora – made with 100% organic Italian ingredients.

Gin Engine

ABV: 42%
Price: £29.95
Recommended Garnish: Sage leaf
Notable Botanicals: Ligurian sage, Amalfi Coast lemon, liquorice roots, Damask rose, juniper

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Paying tribute to Italian and Piedmont tradition, the gin features sage and lemon, which in the past were used in cordials, liquors and rosolios (sweet Italian liqueurs) as ancient digestive remedies.

We absolutely love the packaging of this gin! Presented in a tin container, it has been designed to look just like a can of motor oil – making it a fun conversation piece at the table!

Fresh sage, citrus, earthy juniper

Sage, lemon, slightly bitter, touch of sweetness

Well balanced, warm lingering notes, hint of lemon, sage

Cocktail Recommendations

Engine Gin works wonderfully as a base in many of the classic gin cocktails, including the Negroni, Martini and Bramble. Recipes for these and other cocktails can be found here on the brand’s website.

We decided to try the Singapore Sling which is packed full of flavour, providing delicious herbaceous and fruity notes.

Gin Engine


50 ml Engine Gin
15 ml Cherry brandy
1 dash Dom Benedictine
15 ml Triple Sec
70 ml Fresh pineapple juice
20 ml Lime juice
3 drops Aromatic bitter

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, then serve in a tall glass.


Engine Gin is a unique herb-forward gin with sage at its forefront. When added to tonic, it provides a well-balanced flavour with an earthy background complimented by lemon and some sweetness. It can also be enjoyed neat, offering a herbal warmth of sage and liquorice root with a hint of fresh lemon.

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