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6 Gin-Based “Quarantini” Cocktails to Try While Social Distancing


As bars and restaurants across the UK are temporarily closed, there’s no better time than now to start learning some new cocktail recipes!

As we’re all adjusting to our new way of life indoors, we have to look at other ways to keep ourselves busy, however this doesn’t mean that we can’t treat ourselves to a cheeky cocktail at the end of a long day to lift our spirits.

So, here is a list of 6 Gin-Based “Quarantini” Cocktails that are sure to help lighten the mood!

1 – SOUTHSIDE Purple (made with Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin)

Southside Gin Cocktail
Photo (right): Bathtub Gin

The origins of the Southside cocktail are subject to speculation, with three different stories on how it got its name. However, the most likely story is that the cocktail was invented at the end of the 19th century at the Southside Sportsmen’s Club on Long Island, New York.

Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin: The Award-Winning Bathtub Gin is famous for its unique flavour, due to its double infusion thus allowing its fresh botanical flavours to shine through. This gin has a bold and clean flavour profile with notes of orange peel, clove, cinnamon and coriander, which makes it a great base for this refreshing serve.

Southside Recipe;

50ml Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Dash of Butterfly Pea Syrup
Mint Leaves

Shake all ingredients over ice.

Fine strain into a coupe glass and top with soda water.


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2 – TOM COLLINS (made with Tanqueray No. Ten)

Tom Collins
Photo (right): Tanqueray

The Tom Collins is one of the most iconic gin-based cocktails, it’s a simple yet elegant serve that will never go out of fashion, typically served in a tall glass over ice.

The name of the cocktail came from a popular joke that was circulating New York in 1874. It involved telling someone that a man named Tom Collins was saying bad things about them, ultimately provoking them enough to go looking for this made up man. The ones who went looking for revenge would go asking at the bar for Tom Collins, but instead be given the sour cocktail. It was known as The Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874.

Tanqueray No. Ten: Named after the copper pot still used in its production, known as ‘Tiny Ten’, this small batch gin is created using fresh fruits and botanicals including coriander, chamomile flowers, white grapefruit, lime, and orange. Its crisp and full-bodied flavour is prefect for this nostalgic drink.

Tom Collins Recipe;

25ml Tanqueray No. Ten
25ml Lemon Juice
Soda Water
Wedge of Lemon

Add ice to a highball, follow with 25ml of Tanqueray No. Ten and 25ml of lemon juice.

Add soda and garnish with a wedge of lemon.

Simply delicious!

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3 – PLUM SOUR (made with the classic Edinburgh Gin)

Edinburgh Gin Plum Sour Cocktail
Photo: Edinburgh GIn

Sours are a classic family of cocktails belonging to one of the older families of original cocktails. A traditional sour is made of a base liquor, a citrus juice (such as lemon or lime juice) and a sweetener. Some sours also include egg whites. Classic sour cocktails include the Margarita, the Whiskey Sour and the Sidecar.

The classic Edinburgh Gin: Launched back in 2010, the classic Edinburgh Gin has become one of Scotland’s best-known gins. This classic London Dry style gin is created using plants and botanicals native to Scotland. A total of 14 botanicals are used to make this juniper-forward gin including juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, orange peel, lavender, mulberries, pine buds, lemongrass, cobnuts, lime peel, cassia bark, milk thistle and liquorice root. With its bright citrus notes and distinctively smooth finish it creates a beautiful base for a gin sour cocktail.

Plum Sour Recipe;

25ml Edinburgh Gin
25ml Edinburgh Gin’s Plum & Vanilla Liqueur
25ml Lemon Juice
1 Egg White
Plum Wedge

Dry shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker, then add ice and shake again.

Double-strain into a rocks glass.

Garnish with a plum wedge.


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4 – BELLINI (made with No.3 London Dry Gin)

Photo (right): No 3 London Gin

The much-loved Bellini was created in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder and head bartender of the world-famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. The name of the cocktail was inspired by a 15th century painting by Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini. The pink shade of the cocktail reminded him of the colour of a saint’s toga in the painting, and so he named it “Bellini”.

No.3 London Dry Gin: Created for Berry Bros. & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, by a family-owned company located in Schiedam, Holland that have been distilling there for over 300 years, this gin has the perfect balance of juniper, citrus and spice. It’s made with six botanicals, three fruits and three spices, which are juniper from Italy, sweet Spanish orange peel, grapefruit peel, angelica root, Moroccan coriander seed and cardamom pods. It’s a perfectly balanced and smooth gin which works very well in a Bellini cocktail.

Bellini Recipe;

25ml No.3 London Dry Gin
15ml Italicus Liqueur
10ml Lemon Juice
30ml White Peach Puree
75ml Sparkling Wine
Orange wedge (or Peach wedge)

Shake first four ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass.

Add sparkling water and gently stir.

Garnish with an orange or peach wedge.


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5 – MARTINEZ (made with Hendrick’s Gin)

Martinez Hendricks Cocktail
Photo: Hendricks Gin

A classic and sophisticated cocktail, the Martinez is one of the predecessors of the Martini. The history of the cocktail is somewhat unclear, some say that is was invented in the town of Martinez, California in the 1850s during the days of the “Gold Rush”.

Hendrick’s Gin: Launched in 1999, this world-renowned small-batch gin with a very special aroma is the result of blending two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills, the Carter-Head Still (constructed in 1948) and the Bennet Still (built in 1860). Described as “a most unusual gin” it is infused with traditional juniper, Bulgarian rose and cucumber.

Receiving several awards since its launch it has also been described as the “Best Gin in the World” by the Wall Street Journal. This characterful gin with its subtle freshness and floral notes makes a lovely base for a Martinez.

Martinez Recipe;

40ml Hendrick’s Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
5ml Maraschino Liqueur
1 Dash of Angostura Bitters

Stir all ingredients over ice in a mixing glass.

Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with orange zest.


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6 – GIN DAISY (made with Monkey 47)

Gin Daisy Cocktail Money 47

Created in the 1800s, this fruit juice-based cocktail is essentially a sour with the addition of soda water. Traditionally it was often served in silver mugs to keep the drink cool or in elaborate, heavy glassware. The result is mostly citrus with a touch of sweetness.

Monkey 47: This award-winning and complex gin from the Black Forest in Germany contains a unique and aromatic blend of 47 botanicals, hence the name 47. The botanicals used to create this unique gin include locally grown herbs such as angelica, coriander, elderflower, hibiscus, citron verbena, pimento, and spruce. It has a crisp citrus note, layers of sweet floral flavours with a hint of peppery spice and subtle bitter fruit. This well balanced and exquisite gin is a perfect base for this classic cocktail.

Gin Daisy Recipe;

50ml Monkey 47
20ml Chartreuse Jaune
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Lime Juice

3 Dashes of Simple Syrup
20ml Soda

Pour all ingredients (except the soda) into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice cubes.

Shake and then strain into a nice coupette glass.

Fill up with soda and garnish with a lemon zest.


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